World symposium on phosphate opens

Science & Environment World symposium on phosphate opens
MAY 19, 2015 LISTEN

Morocco, May 19, GNA - More than 1200 stakeholders from the worldwide Phosphate industry are in Marrakesh, Morocco for the third International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry.

The phosphate symposium is on the general theme: 'Innovation to serve sustainable agriculture.'

Participants representing more than 45 countries from the phosphate industry are using the forum to build on the previous events, with greater focus on innovation to serve sustainable agriculture.

Clémence Rebours, Agence Linka International official communication network told the Ghana News Agency that the Marrakesh forum would also cover themes regarding industrial processes, elements of value, fertilisers of the future and slow and controlled releases.

According to the information, the phosphate forum has become an international benchmark in the sector, offering a forum that promotes diversification, modernisation and development of the phosphate industry and support for the development needs of worldwide agriculture.

The Marrakesh Phosphate forum is being organised by the Office Chérifien des Phosphates Group (OCP-Group), which is a world leader in the phosphates market and the world's biggest exporter of phosphate and phosphoric acid, as well as one of the largest exporters of phosphate fertilisers.

The Group plays a central role in the areas where its mining and processing activities are located.

The Marrakesh Phosphate forum would also provide a platform for the OCP Group to highlight its commitment to sustainable and prosperous agriculture throughout the world especially being aware that innovation is the primary tool for rational and sustainable exploitation of phosphate reserves.

By bringing together the global phosphate community to share expertise, skills and experiences, the Marrakesh Phosphate forum also aims at contributing to the emergence of the ideas of tomorrow, and taking up the major challenge of soil and resource conservation for sustainable agriculture.

The phosphate forum would also examine new techniques and technologies to improve production systems in the phosphate industry and to conserve resources.

A special place would be given to the Moroccan model of industrial management and innovation development in the phosphate industry, in particular in the areas of mining, beneficiation of phosphates, adding value and fertilizer production.

The symposium offers the opportunity for the participants to meet professionals in the phosphate industry, in the presence of influential figures in the mining and processing industry.

Stakeholders in the value chain would be represented: producers, consumers, traders, market analysts, engineers and technical experts.

An exhibition space of a hundred stands would bring together the main companies in the phosphate industry.

The International Symposium on Innovation and Technology in the Phosphate Industry (SYMPHOS), is a global event benchmark dedicated to key two players in the phosphates and phosphate derivatives industry.

The technological and scientific event is a platform for sharing ideas on innovation, technology, current trends in terms of processes for upgrading phosphates and derivatives, research, and development prospects for the phosphate sector.

Initiated in 2011 SYMPHOS has been attended by more than 1,900 industrial stakeholders, manufacturers, equipment suppliers and researchers from 43 countries, who come together to share their experiences, discover the latest innovations and discuss their thoughts on the future of the phosphate industry.

Held every two years, this committee works to enrich and diversify the event's scientific and technical content in connection with the phosphate industry.


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