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12.05.2015 Opinion

Sinare Toufique Sinare Writes To The President

By Sinare Toufique Sinare
Sinare Toufique Sinare Writes To The President
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Bawku Senior High School,
P.O.BOX 50,
UE/R Bawku.
12th May 2015.

The Presidency,
Flagstaff house,
P.O.BOX 1122,

Your Excellency JDM,
I write this letter to you on behalf of my fellow Ghanaian "dumsor'ee". I write this letter on behalf of the thousand Ghanaians who lost their jobs as a result of the erratic power supply. I write this letter on behalf of the thousand Ghanaians WASSCE candidate that wholly lost hope during the WASSCE vigil as a result of this same "dumsor".

I write this letter on behalf of the one million Ghanaians whose trauma and self-revulsion for what they have witnessed,endured and done in Ghana has led them to living under hospice care. I write this letter on behalf of us all.

I write this letter not because I think you grasp the terrible human and moral consequences of your lies, manipulation, and thirst for wealth and power as others think, but because I see the good job you are doing for my motherland that others are refusing and pretending not to see.

Mr. President, when I read the Ola Rotimi's play, "the gods are not to blame". I got the sense that patience plays a lot in achieving success.

Almost every Ghanaian is chastising you for what they claim as your " inability to solve the energy crisis".

To my amazement, some celebrities also tend to implant what they "cynically" call #dumsormuststop demo!!!.

In my fairly comprehensive investigation, I probably reviewed something, Some celebrities frankly seemed more obscure, or mysterious, than wise. Some were just too simplistic or mundane. And some, to me at least, downright misguided. Others seemed self-contradictory.

"Whilst some celebs are wise, some are also otherwise" Doesn't this belittle their importance? Mr. President, You’ve waded into the quagmire of what’s “proper” here, so bear with me, heavens have seen and so shall they pay you!!!

Most Ghanaians are shooting themselves before the reprieve and I know one day that, they will bow down their heads in shame and say well done Mr. President!!!! We never taught you will be able to solve it.

I'm forever nonpartisan and affiliation free to any political party.

But the truth must be told!!!!!
Long live JDM
Long live Ghana
Sincerely yours,
Under the management of "NASH YUSSIF KANANZOI"


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