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23.08.2004 Gossips

JH Mensah And The 19 Year Old Apuskeleke challenging the sexual prowess of Thomas Broni? Did u know that ....
By Palaver
J.H MensahJ.H Mensah
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A very senior NPP Minister, very old and almost senile by both Ghanaian and world standards, and with a penchant for the comforts of life, including comfortable working places, comfortable residences, comfortable vehicles and comfortable women, and who is related to President John Agyekum Kufuor by affinity, has recently indulged in one of his pet “comforts” by buying a car worth ¢350 million for his 19-year old girl-friend as a gift, that the teenage “apuskeleke” is both embarrassed and overjoyed by the gift as her closest friends who are privy to the source of the gift and her relationship with the “awengaa old man” Minister are teasing her about what could have been her performance rating for the “awengaa old man” Minister to have bought such an expensive gift for her, to which her response has been that the “awengaa old man” is only really interested in the “so mu ma me” aspect of the act, he being incapable of performing the act itself, and that his favourite venue for the performance of the “so mu ma me” is in the back seat of a vehicle, which is the real reason why that car had been bought for her, the money for which could only have come from the exchequer or HIPC funds a large part of which is freely available to this “dirty old man” Minister as his personal HIPC allocation?

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