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22.08.2004 Tabloid News

Jilted Woman Attempts To Poison Boyfriend

By mirror
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A woman whose boyfriend left her for another woman lured him and offered him a cake and coca-cola laced with pesticides, ostensibly to kill him out of jealousy. The murder attempt however failed. When the girlfriend, Maame Akua Benyiwa Aggrey, 31, was confronted about her attempt to poison Nicholas Arthur, a 32-year old trader, she admitted the offence and said that she had wanted to kill Nicholas as punishment for leaving her for another woman.

Nicholas and Maame Akua have been lovers for sometime, however their relation went sour about two weeks ago when Maame Akua became suspicious that Nicholas was dating another woman and therefore had no time for her anymore.

Based on her suspicion, Maame Akua allegedly decided to kill Nicholas and after kill herself to end it all. Narrating the case, Superintendent Sylvestor B. Amponsah, the Tesano district police commander said at about 2pm on August 13, Maame Akua bought two bottles of Coca Cola, opened them, poured pesticide into it and resealed the bottles. He said she later parceled the two bottles of coca cola which she sent to Nicholas as a gift from a female friend of hers who was celebrating her birthday on the Friday, August 13.

Upon receiving the parcel, Nicholas who was surprised at the present decided to examine the contents well. The police commander said during close examination. Nicholas detected that the cork of the bottle had been tampered with so he confronted the sender of the parcel who revealed that the parcel was from Maame Akua and not her friend who was celebrating her birthday. Nicholas made a report to the police and Maame Akua was later arrested.

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