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01.05.2015 General News

‘It's Taken Too Long To Fix The Dumsor’ - TUC Tells Mahama

By Daily Guide
‘It's Taken Too Long To Fix The Dumsor’ - TUC Tells Mahama
LISTEN MAY 1, 2015

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) of Ghana has told President John Mahama they are losing hope in the countless promises made to fix the worsening energy crisis in the country.

Speaking at the 2015 May Day parade in Accra, Friday, the secretary general of the TUC Kofi Asamoah said 'it's taken too long to fix the dumsor', calling on Mahama to up his game.

He said the erratic power supply is affecting Ghanaian workers adversely to the extent that majority of them are beginning to lose their jobs due to austerity measures being taken by companies to survive the energy crisis.

'Thousands of Ghanaian workers have been denied jobs due to dumsor and many more are likely to lose their jobs,' Asamoah said at the parade held at the Black Star Square (Independence Square).

He said as a result of the blackouts, Ghana is beginning to 'lose its status as the preferred investment avenue' in Africa, adding the president must sit up before the energy crisis degenerates into political and social crisis.

'We know it didn't start today, but it is within your tenure… do anything possible to resolve it. It must end now,' Asamoah told Mahama.

According to him, the energy crisis still lingers on due to 'long period of neglect' and failure to expand infrastructure in the energy sector. He said government should consider long term measures such as the building of solar panel across the country to complement hydro power among others.

'Provide leadership that will lead us out of this energy crisis. It's taking too long to fix it and we are beginning to lose hope,' the TUC boss opined.

Asamoah noted that the situation is so dire to the extent that workers are now thriving on 'personal loans' to survive because what 'started three years ago as energy crisis is turning into severe economic crisis.'

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