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20.08.2004 Gossips

NPP import huge arms cache into the Country

By Palavar
NPP import huge arms cache into the Country
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REPORTS reaching the 'Ghana Palaver' indicate that the Government has secretly taken delivery of another cargo of arms, shipped into the country by MV Bonsu, which has docked at the Tema Harbour.

The weapons were secretly cleared by some unauthorised persons, under cover of darkness, at one o'clock, to be precise, last Wednesday, August 18.

The arms were conveyed from the port to an unknown destination by a vehicle, bearing licence number GR7404H.

The goods were labelled with the name of Ghana's Consular in Dakar Senegal, Venace Sallah.

The numbers on the containers, in which the arms were concealed are: MS/CU3032152 MS/CU 2636002 MS/CU 3239967

So far, all attempts to trace the destination of the 'smuggled' arms have proved futile.

No security agency has also claimed responsibility for the clearance or ownership.

This is the second time the authorities have been sighted taking delivery of weapons, under very suspicious circumstances.

The first was the secret delivery of a consignment of arms, also under cover of darkness, at the Accra International Airport, a few months ago.

Although many Ghanaian questioned the source and purpose of the weapons, the Government, after contradictory claims by its spokesperson, either confirming or denying the story, has since kept a still silence on the matter.

There were however strong rumours that the weapons had been stored in some private homes of members of the Government.

The situation has turned worrying the more with the establishment of a Party Police, trained by anti-NDC elements in exile, who resurfaced in the country, after the NPP had taken over the reins of Government in January 2001.

The latest discovery of the secret importation of arms by the Government is bound to raise more eye-brows as well as initiate legitimate queries, as to real intention of Government, especially in an election year, with strong indications of defeat staring it in the face.

Observers certainly will link up these secret war preparations by the Government with the stories about some kind of planned invasion by mercenaries, seen as nothing but mere fabrications, meant to justify arms movements, by unauthorised persons.

Meanwhile, what is most untenable is the pledge by Government to ensure "peaceful elections", when the war signals are being clearly sighted, within a short distance.

So far, the chief church leaders and organisations, such as the Ghana Bar Association, the Trades Union Congress and other "pressure" groups have all remained silent over there war preparations.

Instead, they have been directing their appeals to armless civilians to help "endure" peaceful election.