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29.04.2015 Politics

Ebenezer Nartey Calls For Unity In Ablekuma Central...As He Supports Inauguration Of Electoral Youth Wings

By Isaac Obeng
Ebenezer Nartey Calls For Unity In Ablekuma Central...As He Supports Inauguration Of Electoral Youth Wings
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The Parliamentary Aspirant for the 2012 of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ablekuma Central has called for unity in Ablekuma Central and acknowledged the strategy of his constituency youth organiser, Isaac Asare popularly known as Akonoba in his strategic formation of polling station youth wings in the constituency.

In an exclusive with Ebenezer Nartey, the incumbent Parliamentary Aspiriant of Ablekuma Central stated that, he is a full supporter of the ideology of the formation of youth wings in Ablekuma Central due to the role the youth played in 2012 election in Ablekuma Central.

"I have reflect on the vital role the youth played in the 2012 election and considering the strategy of the current constituency youth organiser is beyond my understanding, he is working tirelessly, organizing the youth bases in all the electoral areas, which is remarkable", Mr. Nartey said.

He further stated that, the youth base in the electoral areas will play a major role in the campaign team in capturing power form NDC come 2016.

"Am more focus on motivating the youth to join the campaign of the NPP, making sure that they all come on board to wrestle the Ablenkuma Central seat from NDC and win the Presidential seat come 2016" Mr. Nartey maintained.

"Am optimistic about leading Ablekuma Central and NPP victory come 2016 due of my previous performance as the parliamentary candidate during the 2012 election. When I took over the mantle as a parliamentary candidate IN 2012, the NPP, my party was behind a deficit of nine thousand votes (9000) but due to my hard work with the youths and the executives in the constituency, we reduced it to a deficit of thousand two hundred votes (1200), so when given the mantle again I deliver for the NPP and the Constituency", he admonished.

Speaking on the divisions in the constituency, he said, "I have tried my possible best meeting with all the functionaries in the constituency to come together as one family because when we go after the reputation of one another and one person wins, it will very difficult for us to come together and work for the party and I think I am making progress towards the unity work", the 2012 parliamentary candidate revealed.

In an exclusive interview with the youth organiser, Isaac Asare popularly known as Akonoba who is the master mind behind the formation of six (6) youth wings in Ablekuma Central, he said, " Am only interested in working for the party due to the love I have for the party".

He stated that the youth wings are formed to make sure that the vote that Ghanaians vote for NPP are counted for NPP.

He opined that he has diagnosed the problem that led to the lost of the seat Ablekuma Central in 2012 election, " I realized that most of the people that worked as polling agents in the electoral areas didn't knew most of the people that were voting in the electoral area, so the formation of the youth wings in the electoral area, which I refer to them as working committee members in the electoral area will work solely in their electoral areas and that will make the work very easy because the executives lives in the electoral area and knows everybody in their electoral area.

He admitted that the formation of the decentralization youth wings system came with it own difficulties but now everybody seems to be on board and commending the current executives for it new great initiative to capture power from the NDC.

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