Kumawu Sub-chiefs connive to swindle Kumawu citizen r in London

19.08.2004 LISTEN
By Rockson Adofo, London

It is about time that the evils in the Ghanaian society and their perpetrators were revealed, named and shamed, and possibly prosecuted to serve both as a warning and deterrence to all those shamelessly aspiring to pursue similar retrogressive path,leaving a big question mark over our socio-politico and economic emancipation.

Having responded positively to the government's outreach call to all Ghanaians, the.rank and file,irrespective of their places of abode,to pull hands together to resuscitate,diversify and put our economy back onto a progressive and dynamic rail of recovery, I am now left to lick my fingers and wounds in regret.

For personal reasons mainly centred on why and how Ghanaians living in the midst of plenty, fertile lands, should suffer famine every other year, I decided to go into farming with a well balanced vision and business plan under the armpit.

I then purchased 200 acres of farmland from the Omanhene of Kumawu, Nana Asumadu Sakyi 11,from the lots of the Kumawu traditional area stool lands.Barely had the land been purchased and work started, when litigation arose.I have been battling this litigation regarding the question of title of ownership with some supposedly distant family members of Kumawuhene,without the should have been financial assistance from the seller of the land.

The details of the case will unfold as I plan holding a press conference on how Ghana will persist and rot should we become myopic,stagnating and daydreaming in our inaction, corruption,non chalance and callousness to the sufferings of others.

However, the bone of contention is how the Akwamuhene of Kumawu,Nana Adom and Nana Okyeame Osei,a linguist,have unfeelingly in the face of all the tens of millions of cedis being wasted on litigations due to their own evil machinations, greediness, selfishness and absurd pursuit of their personalised comfort,plotted with certain woman in Bonwire to add to my demise.They have ceded about ten acres of my purchased land which has been surveyed, demarcated with pillars and the drawn plan signed by Nana Obarima Asumadu Sakyi 11 and his other two chiefs to the said woman in Bonwire,at what underhand bribe,I am yet to know.

I will surely bend and break the laws of the country sooner as I cannot live in this British cold to see some semi-baked literates underrate my intelligence,tax my patience,with impunity.

The President of the Republic, H.E.Kufour and H.E.Issac Osei of the Ghana High Commission in the UK as well as the previous Chief Justice Wiredu are all aware of the problem I have been encountering, in my bid to invest in farming in Ghana.

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