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23.04.2015 Feature Article

....... Your Right To Sex.

....... Your Right To Sex.
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Indeed we all have our rights to do so many things ....but think deeply if you are overusing your rights.

It is obvious that you care both about your rights to sex and health.

Yes, there is some risk involved in anal sex. For example, as with any sexual activity, if you or your partner has a sexually transmitted disease (STD), it’s possible to transmit the infection through anal sex.

Also, anal sex can result in tearing the skin or other damage to the anus or rectum unlike the vagina… and open skin increases the risk of spreading Sexually Transmitted Diseases and bacterial infections.

Remember, the rectum and anus do not produce any natural lubrication during sex

unlike the vagina.

The lining of the anus and rectum is quite delicate and rich in blood vessels, so it’s easy to scratch or even tear.

Therefore, it’s recommended to never insert anything into the anus. And make sure not to insert anything that might slip away from you, since it may become very difficult to retrieve again…a potentially dangerous situation that has brought people to the emergency room.

Hemorrhoids can be irritated by anal sex, …so if your partner has hemorrhoids, that could be a concern as well.

My heart bleeds and my soul saddens why our religious and political leaders , Chiefs, and others make noise on smoking of marijuana but are silent on "GAYISM" and do not frown on it. What is the sense in that?

What is preventing our leaders especially the government from declaring his stands on GAYISM?

Are our leaders afraid to illegalize GAYISM and Lesbianism?

Why has the media been so silent on it?

If other African countries have illegalize GAYISM why can't Ghana do same?

GAYISM and LESBIANISM do not allow procreation and it infringes the right of children as well.....

GAYISM and LESBIANISM is on the rise in Ghana but deep in the darkness.

GAYS even organize parties so as LESBIANS and have clubs as well.

They have adopted strategies influencing so many Adolescents and the Youth.

The case has worsen now in the various SHS and Tertiary campuses.

I cry for my country and Africa deep in my vein we are always "mumu" on serious issues which has health complications.

The media too talks abt news today and tomorrow they dump it with no follow up.

Journalism in Ghana and Africa is so weak and much influenced. They dont ensure that that problem they bring to the media is solved.

We shouldn't forget that Gayism and Lesbianism has negative effect on productivity in a long term by ceasing procreation.

I want to ask the Gays and the Lesbians that if their parents engaged in such acts, how would they have been on earth????????



(The Health in Africa)

Douglas Adu-Fokuo
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