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Ghana to provide 1,000 professionals to work in Italy

18.08.2004 LISTEN
By Chronicle

Plan are far advanced for the signing of a protocol of understanding between Ghana and Italy to make it possible for Ghana to provide 1000 skilled professionals to work in Italy every year.

This is part of moves not only to ensure legitimate migration of Ghanaians to Italy but also to enable both governments to benefit from the high trend of migration from Ghana to Italy among the people especially the youth.

Ghana's ambassador to Italy, Dr. Dsane Selby disclosed this at the opening of the 10th annual Ghanaian-Euro Camp meeting of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Bellaria - Rimini in Italy.

Nearly 1,000 Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventists from the UK, Austria, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland and Belgium attended the five-day congress. There were also delegations from Libya, Israel and the United States of America.

Currently, it is estimated that there are about 300 thousand Ghanaians living in Italy.

He said, the programme would be implemented very well so that those who get the opportunity do not in any way be burden to the Italian government. He added that people with professions and skills in areas that would be of high benefit to the government and the people of Italy are those going to be considered.

Dr. Selby said the criterion and other modalities are being worked out after which the protocol would be signed for the commencement of the programme. Though he could not give exact time for the commencement and for how long the programme will last.

He said currently some counties like Tunisia and others from Africa have already such programmes running.

The Ambassador noted that Ghanaians in Italy have been generally proven to be law abiding except for some few who are dragging the high reputation of the nation in the mud. Such people would not receive any support from the embassy when they plunge themselves into problems. He added.

The Executive Secretary of the SDA Church worldwide, Pastor M.A. Bediako recounted the efforts of the SDA church in Italy in assisting the government and the people of Ghana in the provision of basic amenities in certain parts of the country.

He expressed his joy about the rapid growth of the Ghanaian SDA church in Europe and the United States of America adding that such a move has set the pace for other churches in Ghana to follow.

The President of the Italian Union Conference of the SDA Church, Pastor Lucio Artin announced a package for the improvement of the Ghanaian SDA Churches in Italy.

These include the purchasing and refurbishing of six church buildings for some of the churches.

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