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20.04.2015 Press Release

Wadu Condemns Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa, Calls For Union

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The World African Diaspora Union condemns the attacks by Africans of South Africa on other Africans residing in the African Union territory of South Africa. Consequently, WADU is calling for the immediate cessation of attacks which are contrary to the constitutional principles of the South Africa, the African Union and the United Nations for the preservation of African freedom and unity. WADU supports the heads of other nations in Africa and the world and especially agrees with African Union Commission, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma who lamented that'Whatever the challenges we may be facing, no circumstances justify attacks on people, whether foreigners or locals. It is unacceptable.'

WADU condemns these attacks grounded in our rich history and legacy of those like the 19th century Bishop Henry McNeil Turner and other leaders of the African Diaspora who promoted Ethiopianism, modern Pan Africanism, support of the Zulu war of resistance and the modern civil rights movement for justice and equal rights in South Africa. Further, WADU position is in line with our great Pan African leaders and the co-founders of WADU whose role were significant to the liberation of South Africa, especially those recent ancestors like Ambassador Dudley Thompson of Jamaica and Baba Elombe Brath of the USA, including the formation of the OAU, now the African Union, for the unity of Africans.

Additionally, WADU is urging the South African government to take immediate steps to protect all Africans, to convene Pan African reconciliation and healing services, and to ensure restitution is made to those who have been affected. WADU especially condemns the oppressive conditions caused by the imperialists and capitalists using the 'war on terror' to fuel division and conflicts, resulting in the horrific conditions for genocidal wars and destruction across Africa, negatively affecting Africans, worldwide.

Finally, the World African Diaspora Union (WADU) is strongly urging the President of South Africa, the Black leaders of the world and the African Union, to take bold steps on May 25, 2015 and during the June 2015 African Union Summit, to expedite the creation of the Union Government of Africa. The long delayed United States of Africa is the Will of our Ancestors who sacrificed for centuries under the most horrible conditions in history. A Federated Africa is clearly the best way forward for Africans to ameliorate our worsening conditions across the world. Indeed, the crises across Africa are beckoning Africans to hasten the work for African unity, dignity, and prosperity of All Africans as One People, belonging to One Homeland. Let us all be reminded of the trumpeting words of Reverend Dr. Edward Blyden and the Honorable Marcus Garvey that all of 'Africa is for the Africans, at Home and Abroad.'

Sincerely African,
Minister P.D. Menelik Harris, Secretary General (WADU)

President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe & Chair, African Union

President Jacob Zuma, South Africa
Chairwoman Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, African Union Commission

Dr. Jinmi Adisa, African Union Diaspora Office
Ambassador Tete Antonio, African Union Office of the United Nations

Ambassador Amina Ali, African Union Office, USA
Dr. Leonard Jeffries, WADU President
Nana Yaa Farika Taylor, WADU Vice President
Dr. Joyce King, WADU Commissioner
Dr. Shariefa Saa Evans, WADU Commissioner
Prof. Basir Mchawi, WADU Commissioner
Attorney Empress Marina Blake, WADU Commissioner
Dr. B. Chitunya-Wilson, WADU Special Envoy to the African Union (2015)

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