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16.04.2015 Health

Three organisations to fight malaria

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Accra, April 15, GNA - Junior Chamber International (JCI) Africa and Middle East Senate in collaboration with JCI Accra Royale Ghana has embarked on a project to 'Fight against Malaria, Cholera and Light for the Needy.'

The project content consist of solar lights, which could provide 10 hours of light daily, a mosquito trap with a portable inverter to store more power and a sanitising machine for rural hospitals and community centres across the nation.

The project was launched in Accra on Wednesday with the key 'An African Innovation to Meet an African Need'. The items would be donated to the Pantang hospital and extended to the countries in the sub region.

The sanitiser machine worth GH₵ 2000.00 comes with a refill which would last for six months and the mosquito trap has a light that attracts the mosquitoes to their doom.

The solar light pack also comes with an inverter which absorbs and store the solar energy for the light and could go for three to five years. The solar light pack could also be used to charge the mosquito trap, phones, lap tops and any other chargeable electronics.

Malaria has been identified as the most predominant disease in many African countries.

As a membership driven voluntary organisation that brings together young active citizens, JCI urged all from 18 to 40 years to get on board to fight malaria and change the lives of others.

Ms Veronica Mills Lamptey, President of JCI Africa and Middle East Senate noted that JCI aims at impacting a positive change on the people of Ghana and help address the electricity challenges in the country.

She stated that the goal is to identify the needs in the society and call on profit companies, individuals, corporate enterprises and the government to purchase more and assist them to be able to distribute more to the needy.

She said the JCI needs about GH₵ 1.75 million to fulfill the dream, adding that though 10 per cent of the amount had been raised it would not be enough to complete the project.

'To be able to sustain such a laudable feat, it is our hope that we will get on board corporates and philanthropists who would assist in helping JCI Accra Royale in helping us obtain these items to help the needy in our communities,' she detailed.

She expressed the wish that everybody in the rural areas would have the lights and mosquito traps to help eradicate malaria.

Mr Ashok Bharwanhi, a supporter and a contributor of the 10 per cent of the amount needed stated that the mosquito traps were invented, manufactured and produced by two military men in Ghana.

He said the military men are being assisted by an African group in Hong Kong and this could be a source of employment in Ghana when the government helps them.


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