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14.04.2015 Opinion

A Day Before That Dawn... The True Story Of A Viking (Part One)

By Asante Louis
A Day Before That Dawn... The True Story Of A Viking (Part One)
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A day before that dawn, I was in the cabin relaxing my nerves. The day was bright and everything else looked smooth. But there was a problem somewhere, somewhere I couldn't figure properly. The only thing I could remember was a day before that dawn. I had broken up with my fiancée. The aroma of her night fragrance had put me in turmoil. Her sweet passionate kisses kept picturing in my memories and it was as though the world around me was circumnavigating.

Yes, I have once again been caught by her perilous traps. This girl was a true embodiment of beauty; which you can obviously not doubt because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The mere sight of her drives hot blood through my veins. She begged for a kiss which I hesitated. She forced her way through my lips and lo I stood up and there she was right in front of me.

I thought for a while, 'why is she here at this time?' It wasn't as though it was an ungodly hour'. The atmosphere was very dark, cold and I could feel the breeze that blew from the sea. The sky was starry; it stretched in never-ending line and it was a perfect time for lovers to bolt away under the cover of darkness. Birds chirped and fluttered over their place of abode. It was a perfect time indeed. 'A perfect time for what?' you thought. A perfect time for the unfolding of events.

AdwoaMansah was her name and she was from a well-to-do family. She's been my girlfriend way back in High school days. She supported me financially not because I was opportunistic but what I could offer her in return was true love and care. In fact, we were the true definition of love but what happened?

We'd both completed High school and had gained admission into the university of our choice-the University of Ghana. What a happy moment that was! As 'freshers', we would always be seen hooked together from one place to another. We never shunned each other's company. Then suddenly the wind of change blew. Even though I had introduced her to my roomies as my girlfriend, I had asked her never to visit my room without my knowledge. Knowing my lecture schedules very well, she sneaks into my room as though she'd been there on a visiting pilgrimage.

I was hinted by next door neighbors about the frequent visits of AdwoaMansah whenever I was not around. I queried her on several occasions but she insisted she had never visited when I'm not around. Sensing foul play somewhere, I weaved a plan that would confirm the allegation or otherwise. One Sunday, the last day of the Hall's week celebration where beach party was the order of the time, I decided to go and party with AdwoaMansah.

When everything was set, she complained of abdominal pains so I decided to let go of the beach and be with her. She wittingly told me to go and that she would be fine which I agreed-but I would never go. To the best of her knowledge I was gone.

About an hour later, I had a phone call from one next door neighbor that AdwoaMansah is in my room. I quickly rushed to the room. Oh my goodness! I am finished. AdwoaMansah and my roommate in a sweet love sweat, kissing and caressing each other. Without uttering a word I left. She came pleading for forgiveness but I could simply not forgive her. I threatened we quit the relationship.

It was in the best interest of the situation to look on to the bright side of life and move on but much had gone into this relationship to be allowed to fall on rocks. No! I just can't let go. Her love was not only a pleasure but hers was a treasure to me.

When her pleading became utterly useless she threatened to teach me a lesson because she had spent so much on me and that I cannot dump her like that. I considered those words as mere sentences. Then one night, whilst heading towards the bush canteen for a supper an ambush of muscled guys attacked me and hit me with stick on my neck. I fell flat on my face... but not dead. The story continues unabated...

Asante Louis

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