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03.04.2015 Commentary

The Jamaican Akan Root

By Dr. Christina Sinclair
The Jamaican Akan Root

You are Judah! your Root is Akan

Ours is the story of the scriptures.

The prophecies of the Bible accurately describes the series of migrations of the Hebrew Israelites throughout the continent of Africa, especially to West Africa, where the infamous trans-Atlantic slave trade took place. Many of the tribes of West Africa, such as the Ashanti, Fulani, Akan, Yoruba , etc., have oral histories stating that they are descendants of the nation of Israel, and their cultural practices are exactly the same as described in the bible. Therefore, many of the Africans captured and transported to America and throughout the western hemisphere were Hebrew Israelites. History and prophecy validates the claim of many African-Americans that they are actual descendants of the so-called lost tribes of Israel. The Prophecies and Historical Evidence of the Migration of the Scattered Tribes of Israel in Africa

The recent discovery of the Israelite tribe in South Africa named the 'LEMBA' tribe, has sparked renewed interest in this subject. If we read and discern the 'biblical prophecies' that describe the 'scattering' (diaspora)' of the nation of Israel (the Hebrew Israelites), we will discover that GOD (YAHWEH) has fulfilled his promise to 'scatter his people Israel throughout 'ALL' nations and countries' and among 'all tribes,' especially throughout the continent of Africa.

“And the LORD shall 'scatter' (disperse) you among 'all people' (tribes), from the one end of the earth even unto the other.” Deuteronomy 28:64.

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There are hundreds of tribes in Africa, small and large, which identify themselves and can be identified as Hebrew Israelites by their cultural practices and oral histories.

In the following pages of this writing, many of the biblical prophecies concerning the Hebrew Israelite dispersion in Africa will be highlighted as well as many historical references to offer conclusive evidence that these tribes are not 'lost', but only 'scattered'.

First, let me start by saying that the Hebrew Israelite people are a people who are indigenous to the continent of 'AFRICA'. Abraham, the father of the Hebrew-Israelite people, was a man of dark complexion, born of the lineage of prophet Noah's son 'SHEM', and raised in the 'CUSHITE'(Ethiopian) city of 'UR' of the 'Chaldees' in ancient Babylon(modern day Iraq). European historian 'Godfrey Higgins' stated that 'the people of Babylon were originally 'NEGROES'. To add to this fact, when YAH(GOD) called Abraham from 'Ur' of the Chaldeans, he migrated down into EGYPT(AFRICA) and dwelt there. As part of his 'covenant', YAH (GOD) promised Abraham and his descendants land from the 'NILE' river, which is in central AFRICA, to the EUPHRATES River in IRAQ. Abraham's son Isaac also migrated into EGYPT and dwelt there for a period of time. And in course of time, due to famine, Jacob (Israel), the father of the 12 sons which became the Hebrew Israelite nation, lived in EGYPT (AFRICA) with his sons and their families for 215 years. Considering the fact that the land of Canaan is north-east AFRICA, and that the geographical boundaries of the 'promised land' begins with 'NILE river' and extends to the EUPHRATES river in Iraq (see Genesis 15:18), then the Hebrew Israelite people(called JEWS) are an AFRICAN people, nurtured on the soil of Mother Africa. Therefore, the most natural place for the Hebrew Israelites to seek refuge was the continent of AFRICA.

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Historically, the first major migration of the Hebrew Israelites into Africa began about 1800 B.C., when Jacob, the son of Isaac, grandson of Abraham, took his 11 sons, and their families, numbering 70 people, into Egypt (Africa) from Canaan land during a famine. His son Joseph was already in Egypt(Africa) as the result of being sold into slavery by his brothers and the Ishmaelite (Arabs). See Genesis 37-50th chs.

[Note: Canaan land was considered by the ancient nations to be a part of the continent of Africa; only with the creation of the Suez Canal and the European historical revisionism did it become viewed as separate from the continent]

In 1447 B.C., at the time of the 'great exodus' of the 'Hebrew Israelites' out of the land of ancient Egypt(Africa), many of them fled southward into the Sudan and 'Ethiopia'. In the 10th century B.C., Makeda, queen of Sheba visited Solomon, king of Israel. As a result, she bore him a son whom he named 'David Menelik' The name Menelik is a contraction that means 'from the king' (Min=from+melik=king).

King Solomon raised him and taught him the laws of GOD (YAH) until the age of 19. Then King Solomon sent him to Ethiopia, accompanied by many 'Levite Priests' to relocate, re-establish and preserve the 'House of David'', according to GOD'S (YAHWEH'S) prophetic word.

'For thus says the LORD; “David shall never want(lack) a mean to sit upon the throne of the 'house of Israel'; neither shall the 'priests', the 'Levites' want(lack) a man before me to offer burnt offerings, and to kindle meat offerings, and to do sacrifice continually.” Jeremiah 33:17

[note: All the Hebrew Israelite tribes scattered throughout Africa have continued the 'Levitical sacrificial system'. It has been discontinued elsewhere]

When “David(Menelik)”, the son of Solomon and Makeda, queen of Sheba(Ethiopia) returned to Ethiopia along with the 'Levites', he became the first king of the 'House of David' in the land of Ethiopia. This was the origin of the 'Beta Israel' (house of Israel) or 'Falasha'

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(migratory; stranger) in Ethiopia. Again, biblical prophecy states that the land of Ethiopia (Africa) would 'stretch out' her 'hands' to receive a remnant of the nation of Israel.

“Ethiopia shall soon stretch forth her 'hands' (to run as a footman to bring hastily unto God (Yah).” Psalms 68:31

“His (Yah's) foundation is in the 'holy mountains'. The LORD loves the gates of ZION more than all the dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are spoken of you, O city of GOD (YAH). Selah I will make mention of Rehab (EGYPT) and Babylon (Iraq) to them that know me; behold Philistia and Tyre with “ETHIOPIA”; this 'man' was 'born' there. And of 'Zion', it shall be said, “This and that 'man' was 'born' in 'her' (Zion /Ethiopia); and the highest himself shall establish her.” Psalms 87th ch.

In the tenth century B.C., when Shishak, king of Egypt and Ethiopia, came against the kingdom of 'Judah' in the land of Israel, he took many Israelite captives back to his land.

“And it came to pass, that in the fifth year of king Rehoboam, Shishak king of Egypt came up against Jerusalem because they had transgressed against the LORD…and he took the fenced cities which pertained to Judah and came against Jerusalem…then Shemaiah the prophet spoke to them, “Thus says the LORD, “You have forsaken me, and therefore have I also 'left' (relinquished) you in the hand of Shishak…” II Chronicles 14:1-9 In the eighth century B.C., the Ethiopian general 'Tirhakah' also invaded Israel and carried more captives into Ethiopia (Africa) (see II Kings 19th ch.)

Isaiah 18th chapter describes Israelites dwelling beyond 'the rivers of Ethiopia' in east, south, central and western Africa.

The following scriptures confirm that many of the Hebrew Israelites, fleeing various invasions of the land of Israel, took refuge throughout the continent of Africa.

[Read: Isaiah 30:17/ Isaiah 31:1-3/ Jeremiah 24:8/ Jeremiah 41:17/

Jeremiah 42:13/ Jeremiah 43:8-13/ Jeremiah 44:1-14]

The biblical book of 'ESTHER' bears record that there existed a Hebrew

Israelite community in 'ETHIOPIA' in 486 B.C.

“Now it came to pass in the days of king Ahasuerus, (this is Ahasuerus which reined from India to 'ETHIOPIA', over 127 provinces

under the Persian rule of king 'Ahasuerus'….And it was written according to all that Mordecai commanded unto the 'JEWS', lieutenants, deputies and rulers of the provinces which are from 'INDIA' to 'ETHIOPIA'; 127 provinces, unto every province according to the writing thereof and unto every people after the language, and unto the 'JEWS' according to their language.” Esther 8:9

The Hebrew Israelite parents of Yashua (Jesus) took him down into Africa(Egypt & Ethiopia) when Herod, the Edomite king over Israel murdered the Israelite male children two years old and under. This was a safe haven for them because there were Hebrew Israelite communities already in existence in Egypt & Ethiopia at that time.

“And when they were departed, behold, the angel of the LORD appeared to 'Joseph' in a dream, saying “Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into 'EGYPT'…” Matthew 2:13

By the first century A.D., Hebrew Israelites (so-called Black Jews) had

Well established settlements well beyond the borders of Ethiopia in Africa, as stated by the African Hebrew Israelite prophet Zephaniah.
“From beyond the rivers of 'Ethiopia', my suppliants, even the daughter of my 'dispersed' (scattered ones) shall bring my offering.”

Zephaniah 3:10
In the book of Acts, we have a very clear indication that there were well established settlements of Black Jews (Hebrew Israelites) in north Africa. At the time of 'Pentecost', 'there was at Jerusalem Jews from Libya and Cyrene and Egypt. Acts 2:10

Also, “dwelling at the Church at Antioch was 'Simon' called 'Niger' and 'Lucius of 'Cyrene'(Libya). Acts 13:1

Another Black Jew named 'Simon' from Cyrene (Libya) north Africa, helped Yashua (Jesus) carry his cross. See Matthew 27:32

In fact, the very name 'Africa' come from the name “EPHER”, the son of Abraham the Hebrew, who's descendants settled around the area of present day Libya, north Africa. see Genesis 25:4
The following is a partial list of the various tribes throughout north, south, east and west Africa who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite nation:

1) Beta Israel/Falasha- Ethiopia 2)
Abayudaya-Uganda 3)
Tutsi- Rwanda 4)
Rusape- Zimbabwe 5)
Lemba- South Africa
6) Sefwi Wiawso- Ghana 7) Ashanti- Ghana Ga- Ghana 9) Ewe- Ghana
10) B'nai Ephraim(sons of Ephraim)- Yoruba, Nigeria
11) Lam-Lam- Timbuktu 12)
Katsena- Nigeria 13)
Zafin Ibrahim- Malagasy Republic 14)

Ibo- Nigeria

The 'Spirit of YAH(GOD) moved Jeremiah to prophesy that the Hebrew Israelites that were dwelling in 'EGYPT' would be further removed and scattered from there into all the kingdoms of the earth. Certainly this would mean to the extremities of south, central and West Africa, as well as across the Atlantic Ocean to AMERICA and the Western Hemisphere.

“Surely thus says the LORD, So will I give Zedekiah the king of JUDAH and his princes, and the residue of JERUSALEM, that remain in this land(Israel) and them that DWELL IN THE LAND OF 'EGYPT'; And I will 'deliver' them to be 'REMOVED' INTO ALL THE KINGDOMS OF THE EARTH' for their hurt, to be a reproach, and a proverb, a taunt and a curse in all 'places' I shall 'drive' them.” Jeremiah 24:8-9
One of the Hebrew Israelite settlements in the land of Egypt was on 'Elephantine Island'.

“On 'Elephantine Island' in the Nile, there was a colony of 'HEBREWS'. The origin of this colony probably antedated the 'Persian' invasion of Egypt in 525 B.C. and it was terminated in 399 B.C. Those 'HEBREWS' had a temple to the God 'YWH' (Yahu) which was destroyed in 410 B.C. at the instigation of hostile 'Egyptian priests'. Consequently, the 'Elephantine Hebrews' wrote to 'Bagoas', governor of 'Judea', asking him for intercessory help. The names of Sanballat and of the High Priest- Johanan appear in this correspondence, throwing light on information in Nehemiah 12:22, and on the dating of the biblical 'Ezra'. These names, when combined with those found in the 'Samaria papyri' give us a sequence of 'Judean nobles' in the 400's and 300's. Evidently, the request for help was successful and the temple was rebuilt for at least a short period. Religion at 'Elephatine', practiced far from 'Jerusalem' and the main centers, seems to have undergone considerable outside influence, even to the point of positing a female consort for 'YHW'.-Recent Discoveries & the Biblical World-pgs.37-38

“We will begin this study with the 'Jews' diaspora in 'Egypt' at the end of the 1st commonwealth and the beginning of the second commonwealth. In Isaiah 19:18 we have a clear reference to such an independent commonwealth. “In that day shall 5 cities in the land of 'Egypt' speak the 'language' of 'Canaan' “. The prophet-chronicler was probably referring to the mercenary 'troops of Jews' in the service of the kings of 'Egypt' and 'Persia' as to whom fuller accounts appear in the 'Yeb' and 'Assouan' papyri' of 'Upper Egypt'.

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The possibility is not to be ruled out that the descendants of those mercenaries 'migrated' from 'Egypt' to 'Ethiopia' and became the founders of the 'FALASHA' community…When the Egyptians began to curtail the freedom of the “Hebrews”, and to subject the 'Jews' to 'civil disabilities', the 'YEB' settlers(Hebrews) may have preferred to 'migrate' to 'ETHIOPIA'. There is good ground for believing that they formed the basic stratum of 'ETHIOPIAN JEWRY' and of the 'FALASHA' state, which arose in a latter period….At a much latter time there emerged the 'FALASHA JEWS' of 'ETHIOPIA' known as the 'BEIT ISRAEL', to the study of whose history the late 'Dr. Jaques Feitlowitch' devoted his life. Their origin is obscure. Some trace their ancestry to 'king Solomon's men who escorted the Queen of Sheba on her return from Jerusalem and settled in 'Ethiopia' .
Others say they were the direct descendants of the mercenary Jews that were the inhabitants of YEB(Elephantine Island) and 'Assouan'(Sweneh), who migrated southward and finally settled in the hill country of 'Ethiopia', where they established their own kingdom…The writer inclines to the view that the 'FALASHAS' are descendants of the JEWS of Upper Egypt.”

Exiled & Redeemed- Ben Zvi- pgs. 246-253


There are tribes in Africa whose Hebraic customs and oral histories identify them as authentic descendants of the nation of Israel.

For the purposes of this writing, I will highlight some of the Hebraic customs and oral histories of just a few of these tribes throughout the African continent. Documentation from European and Jewish historians will be used to further support the truth of these claims.

First, take a look at what one Jewish historian had to say about Jews in Africa.

“We in the western world need to realize that none of this is new…this is not a result of African groups finally waking up…These people have always known who they are or what their dedcendance is and they remember their oral history and their connection to their past when their ancestors reigned supreme in the Motherland…there are many groups of non-traditionally accepted groups, meaning non-north African peoples, that are of 'Hebrew' descent. It is only that 'European descended Jews' are finally waking up and opening up their eyes and accepting the possibility that the statements in the Torah about the 'exiles' being gathered from 'ALL FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH' could somehow include the 'darker-skinned peoples'. Remember Africa (Ethiopia) is mentioned at least '50 times' plus in the Torah.

How many years was the 'Ba-Lemba's' claim to 'Jewish descent' denied? Only until recently when they were only accepted as truth once a 'DNA' test was done…Yes Hebrews traveled all over 'AFRICA' and there are 'REMNANTS' everywhere there…some just look like Hebrew traditions and some are truly descendant because they keep their 'oral history' intact…and because of 'Islamic Jihads' in the 15th century, those who didn't convert to 'Islam' or weren't slaughtered, were 'shipped off' along with other hapless non-Hebrew Africans to the new world into 'SLAVERY'…There are many families in AMERICA or the Islands whose oral history has survived in shard remnants…and others whose memory was completely wiped clean…The Jewish awakening in Africa is not miraculous; it was always there. What is miraculous perhaps is that 'western man' is finally accepting it.”- Tamar kemp- 3/23/03


Now let's examine the claims of Lemba tribe of Southern Africa.
The Lemba of Southern Africa claim that a leader by the name of 'Buba' led their ancestors from Judea to Sena(Yemen) and then to Southern Africa on ships where they presently reside.
A Lemba leader by the name of 'William Masala', when asked in an interview how 'Sena' is connected to the people of Israel?', he stated;

“It's in the bible…in Nehemiah 7,verse 38…

“The children of 'SENAAH', three thousand nine hundred and thirty.”
The sons of 'Sena' were among the thousands of Jews freed by Cyrus, king of Persia, and allowed to return to Jerusalem starting in 538 B.C. to rebuild the temple the Babylonians had destroyed. Sena was originally located in Jericho near Jerusalem. According to the Lemba, there migrated to the end of the Arabian peninsula, near Yemen, and rebuilt the city of 'Sena' there before traveling to Africa by boat. The Lemba practice circumcision; keep the seventh day Sabbath; observe holidays; avoid pork and claim to be of the Leviticus priestly lineage.

A team of geneticists have discovered that Lemba men carry a DNA sequence that is distinctive to the 'cohanim'(the priests), a hereditary set of Israelite priests descended from Moses and Aaron.

“The Falashas, or Black Jews of Ethiopia, are probably very ancient. They claim lineal descent from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and call themselves “Beta Israel”(the house of Israel-the chosen people) and observe the 'Passover'. Tacitus(80 A.D.) the Roman historian, says that many Romans of his time believed that the Jews originated in 'ETHIOPIA'. Sex and Race- J.A. Rogers- pg. 92

The Hebrew Israelites were/are so closely connected by culture and complexion that YAH(GOD) himself stated;
“Are you not as the children of the 'ETHIOPIANS' unto me, O children of 'ISRAEL'?” Amos 9:7

It is interesting to note that 'HAVILAH' & 'ETHIOPIA' are the first nations mentioned in the bible in Genesis 2:13 From the creation of mankind; to the nurturing and birth of the nation of Israel; to the migration of the Israelites into Africa, ETHIOPIA has been instrumental in the preservation of the Hebrew Israelite people. Therefore, it stands to reason that the Falashas of Ethiopia would be among the most ancient descendants of the nation of Israel. They certainly are more ancient and their claims more valid than the European Jewish people who's earliest conversion to what they call 'Judaism' is the conversion of the empire of 'Kazaria' in 700 A.D.

These European Jewish converts knew of the existence of the Ethiopian Falasha for hundreds of years, but having made the claim that they themselves were the actual descendants of the biblical Hebrew Israelites, being white, they would seemingly be in contradiction if they acknowledged these Ethiopian Falashas, especially if they authenticated them. However, in 1974, a chief Sephardic Rabbi- Obadiah Joseph, stated that they are original Jews of the tribe of “Dan”. This created quite a stir among the Jewish people world-wide. So in the years 1984 and 1990, The State of Israel again acknowledged their existence and airlifted many of them to the land of Israel in two airlifting projects called 'Project Solomon' and 'Project Moses'. Now the 'burden of proof' of lineal descent of European Jewish people being actual descendants of the biblical Hebrews is on them.

“Falasha families practice dietary and hygiene laws according to Torah. They do not recognize the 'Talmud' or the 'Kabbala'…Falasha families observe all Hebrew holydays except 'Hanukkah'…The existence of these tribes was known to Africans from 'ancient times'. They were not 'discovered' by Europeans, or anyone else. Europeans have a great penchant for 'discovering' people and lands already inhabited before their arrival. The 'Falashim' came to 'Ethiopia' with their religion and rituals long, long ago. They recognized the 'Sabbath' more rigidly than those who wished to convert them, and practiced their own prayers & customs.” The African Origin of Modern Judaism- Jose Malcioln pg.55

Another compelling historical and biblical/prophetic analysis of the origin of the 'Ethiopia Falasha Jews' is the history of the Jews of 'Elephantine Island' in EGYPT. According to the words of Raphael Hadane, a senior Falasha Priest, in an interview by historian 'Graham Hancock, the ancestors of the Falasha were Hebrews who had migrated into Egypt and settled on Elephantine Island.

“Our ancestors were Jews who had first lived in Egypt before they came to Ethiopia…after leaving Israel, our forefathers did not just travel through Egypt, they settled in that country for a very long time- for hundreds of years. And they built a 'temple' there…at 'ASWAN'…There was a great war in Egypt after that time. A foreign king who had captured many countries came to Egypt and destroyed all the 'temples' of the Egyptians, but he did not destroy our temple.

So when the Egyptians saw that only the Jews temple was not destroyed they suspected we were on the side of the invader. Because of this they started to fight against us and they destroyed our temple and we were forced to 'flee' and went into Sudan and Meroe and then into 'ETHIOPIA'.” – pg.426-427- Sign & Seal- Graham Hancock

This same history is recorded in the 'Elephantine Papyri'. It testifies to the fact that Israelite priests migrated to Elephantine, Egypt and built a 'temple' to 'YAHU'. It also states that this temple was destroyed by the Egyptians, and the Israelites fled south from EGYPT.

This took place between the 6th and 4th centuries B.C., from the time of the Babylonian captivity in 606 B.C. and the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, when Nebuchadnezzar carried many Israelites captive to Babylon. At this time many Israelites fled into Egypt, which is verified by Jeremiah, a contemporary prophet of that time.

“Thus says the LORD…”I acknowledge them that are carried away captive of Judah..into the land of the Chaldeans for their good…and those that remain in this land, and them that 'dwell in the land EGYPT' I will deliver to be 'removed' into all the 'kingdoms' of the earth…”
Jeremiah 24:5-9

“The 'PEUHLS' are also known as 'POULS'; 'FOULBES' & 'FOULAS'. In their own language 'FOULBE' means 'scattered'. “Our ancestors came from there', they point toward the 'north-east'(EGYPT/ ETHIOPIA).”We ourselves have come from there”, and they point toward the 'Futa-Djallon' massif of mountains in the 'southeast' (Guinea). General Faidherbe, the great French West Africa commander and colonizer, believed that the 'PEUHLS' were descendants of a 'SEMITIC RACE'.

“THEY ARE THE WANDERING JEW”, Camille Guy says in L'Afrique Occidentale Francaise”. Some scholars believe their ancestors trekked westward from 'Syria'. Others maintain that the 'Sinai Peninsula' was their birthplace…Many of them do not look like Negroes…they are tall and elegant looking…As in the 'house of Israel', the women is the mistress of her home. All 'Peuhls' seem to have a 'meditative air', and they treasure 'music' highly.”

Dakar-Outpost of Two Hemispheres- by Emil Lengyel- pg. 50

“Probably no people of the western Sudan have so much Jewish blood as the pastoral 'FULANI' who were occupying 'Futa' when the two converging waves of 'migrant Jews' finally met there. The subsequent eastward expansion of the 'FULANI' carried 'JEWISH BLOOD' toi the shores of 'lake Chad' which they founded the present 'FULANI' settlements in 'Darfur', 'Bagarmi' and 'Mandara'.”

- -Golden Trade of the Moors-

“However it be, and whatever name be given to the so-called “Beni- Israel”(sons of Israel), it appears very certain that they were 'Semites'(Shemites) who were once shepherds, farmers & artisans of a very advanced civilization…contributing in a certain measure to the population of the 'Sahel' and the 'Masina' and to the hybridization of the Negro population already settled in these regions, forming, perhaps, the kernal of pastoral tribes who, under the name 'FULANI', as we call them, or 'FULBE', as they call themselves, later spread out from the Sahel & the Masina on the one side as far as the Atlantic, and on the other beyond 'Lake Chad', finally creating in the west of 'Timbuktu' at 'GHANA', a state whose by masters they long remained & which may be considered the cradle and model of that which has been the most perfected in the civilizations of the Negroes of Africa.”- Negro Civilizations in Antiquity

In their own tradition, the FULANI claim that their ancestors came from the east by way of EGYPT and ETHIOPIA. Some also claim descent from the tribes of Israel. Prophetically, YAH(GOD) used the Hebrew name 'PUL' to describe a people of Ethiopian origin. He inspired prophet Isaiah to prophesy that He would send his people back to 'PUL'(Peul/Fulani/Falah/Falasha) to restore the 'Levitical priesthood' in AFRICA.

“And I will set a sign among them; and I will send those (Hebrew Israelites) that 'escape' (a remnant that flees captivity) from them(the Europeans/ Americans) unto the nations of Tarshish(north Africa); to “PUL”(Heb. “Pul”= an ETHIOPIAN TRIBE) and “LUD”(Libya/north Africa), and they(the remnant of Israel) shall declare my glory among the nations. And they (Pul and Lud) shall bring all your brothers for an 'offering' unto the LORD out of all nations upon horses and in chariots and in 'litters' (palanquins= carrying beds), and upon mules and swift beasts, to my 'holy mountain' in 'Jerusalem', says the LORD, as the children of Israel bring an offering in a clean vessel into the house of the LORD. And I will take of them for 'PRIESTS' (KOHAINIM) and “LEVITES” says the LORD. For as the 'new heavens' and earth' which I make (build) shall remain before me, says the LORD, so shall your 'seed'(lineage/ descendants) and your name(Israel) remain.

Isaiah 66:19-22.

Woven throughout the culture and history of the Ashanti tribe, and other tribes, of Ghana, West Africa, is very strong conclusive evidence that they are direct descendants of the Hebrew Israelites that migrated to West Africa by way of Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan and Lake Chad. Their cultural practices, laws and customs are so identical to those described in the bible, the only logical conclusion to make is that they are, as they claim themselves, descendants of the biblical Hebrew Israelites. From a book on 'Ashanti history', written by an Ashanti historian named 'Osei Kwadwo', this truth is verified.

“Research by Historians like Dr. J.B. Dankwa reveals that the 'Asante' nation was among the group called the 'Akans'. These 'Akan' people migrated from the 'Old Ghana Empire' to present Ghana. Some oral traditions go even further to state that the 'Akans' migrated from 'Mesopotamia' to 'AFRICA'. They continue to state that the 'Akans' either shared the same boundaries with the 'ISRAELITES', or were the 'SAME STOCK AS THE 'ISRAELITES' before they 'migrated' to 'AFRICA.'- pg. 1- An Outline of Asante History- by Osei kwadwo Even the name ASHANTI is connected to one of the families of the Hebrew Israelite tribe of Judah. “And the uttermost cities of the children of Judah were…Libnah and Ether and 'ASHAN'…” Joshua 15:42

“According to the Ga-Dangme oral tradition, they migrated from 'ISRAEL'…
They believe they are descendants of
The Ga-Dangmes claim to be descendants DAN and GAD, the fifth and seventh sons of Jacob. Biblical history suggests that Jacob, whom God named YISRAEL had Leah as his wife who gave birth to four sons for him. When Leah noticed that she had passed child-bearing age, she gave her maid servant, ZILPAH to wife. Through Zilpah, Jacob had Dan and Gad and four more sons. Jacob has two sons with Rachel. Gad's fifth son was Eri who later formed a clan known as Erites (Genesis 30:9, Genesis 46:16, Numbers 26:15-19 and Deuteronomy 3:12; Genesis 30:4-8 3:12.The descendant of Eri, son of Gad are believed to have founded the Nri Kingdom around 900 A.D of the South Eastern and parts of the mid-western Igboland in Nigeria with other tribes of Levi, Zebulon, Ephraim and possibly more. In the Book of numbers, the Bible had made extensive references to the children of Israel, which includes Gad and Dan and their children (Numbers 1:1-54).

Biblical history strongly lends support to the claim by Ga-Dangmes that they are HEBREW ISRAELITES due to the fact Ga-Dangme names are found throughout the OLD TESTAMENT. Examples are: NIIKOILAI (Rev:2, 6, 15); AMASA (2 Samuel 17, 25; 1 Chronicle 33 20-21 DJAANI/JANNE, 2 Timothy 3: 8; AMON, 2 Chronicle 33: 20-21; ASHALE (ASAHEL), 1 Chronicle 2:16, 2 Samuel 2: 18-19.

King AYI KUSHI, spelled Cush in Hebrew, Genesis 10: 6 Jeremiah 13:23, Isaiah 18:12) led the Ga-Dangmes from Cush in Ethiopia to Ayawaso and was the founder of the GA DYNASTY. It is believed that the Ga-Dangmes Kingdom at AYAWASO was the first Kingdom in GHANA. It is interesting that Queen Dode (Dodi) Akabi's name DODI is a Hebrew Name. Also, the name of the hunter, KADI, who found a group people at OSU DOKU and introduced them to the Nungua Mantse, is a Hebrew name. The Nungua Mantse, in consultation with the Ga Mashi Mantse gave Osu lands to the “KADI GBOI” as people of Osu were referred to.

Ga-Dangmes custom of circumcision of their male born and their patriarch traditions further lend support to their Hebrew Israelites origins (Genesis 17: 1-12). The HOMOWO FESTIVAL (the PASSOVER) celebrated by the Ga-Dnagmes supports their claim that they are Hebrew Israelites, descendants of children of Jacob (Exodus 13: 1-10); Exodus 12: 1-50; Numbers 9:1-5

According to Abbey in his book KEDZI AFO JORDAN (1968), Ga-Dangmes tradition during which they put money in the coffins of their deceased relatives prior to burial is an ancient Hebrew Israelites custom. In ancient Israel of the Bible, the deceased were said to be buried across the river Jordan. Coins placed in the coffins of the deceased believing that their spirits will use it in “paying” for their passage across the River Jordan. The “abayan”, cloth belonging to the deceased, which is torn to pieces, and each piece placed on the left wrist of the deceased relatives and very close friends, is an ancient Jewish custom. Also, the DIPO or OTUFO customs of the Ga-Dangmes are said to be ancient Hebrew Israelites customs. These and ancient traditional customs still observed by Ga-Dangmes clearly lend credence to their claim that they are of Hebrew Israelites origins.

Here are some Ga-Dangmes names and their Hebrew equivalents
Ga-Dangmes Names Hebrew Names

1. Aryeh Aryeh
2 Afra Ofra
3. Otto Yishai
4. Aryelle Aryelle
5. Ofei Ofer
6 Ada Ada
7 Tema Tema
8 Nunu Nun
9 Dodoo Dodo
10 Ashi Ashi
11 Dangme Dan
12. Anan Anan
13. Ga Gad
14. Abe Avraham (Abraham)
15 Sachar (Saka) Sachar
16. Dode (Dodi) Dodi
17. Kadi Kadi
18. Nerle Nerli
19 Ayah Ayah (female)
20 Ayaa Aya (male)
21. Adama Adam
22. Nete Natanel
23. Achimota Achimot
24. Nungua Nun
25. Amaa Amal
26 Abeka Afeka
27 Omanye Omen
28. Aku Akuv
29 Aye Ayelet
30. Shorme Shor
31 Nate Natan
32. Tago Taga
33. Gama Gamal
34 Achi Achi
35 Ashitey Ashi
36.Sabra Sabra
37.Adon Adon
38.Gali Gali
39 Gai
40 Ade Adel
41.Amaa Amal
42.Aryelle Aryelle

This is confirmed by Charles Ammah in his book

'GA Homowo' in which he states that “It is traditionally stated that the GA people were really 'JEWS' who immigrated from 'EGYPT' and settled on the land they now occupy.”- Addokwei Moffatt

In Nigeria, there are two tribes who claim that their origin is from east AFRICA (Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia), and that many generations ago they migrated from this area and settled on the west coast of Africa. The IBOS were called the 'JEWS' of 'West Africa' because they practice many of the same laws that GOD (YAH) gave to his people Israel. The native law and the 'Mosaic system' is remarkably similar.
“To any contemplating residence in the Ibo country…I would recommend a careful study of the 'LEVITICAL LAW'. In many ways the affinity between native law and the Mosaic legal system is remarkable.” –Inside Africa-

The Ibo state that the name 'EBO' is a form of the name HEBREW. The Yoruba have as a part of their population, 'BLACK JEWS' whom they call 'EMO YO QUAIM' or 'strange people'. However, these Jews call themselves 'B'NAI EPHRAIM' (Sons of Ephraim). Their ancestors migrated from east Africa to Morocco, and then south to present day Nigeria. The 'sacrificial system' and other laws given by GOD (YAH) to the Hebrew Israelites, are observed by the B'nai Ephraim. Many of the Africans captured and taken from West Africa in 'slave ships' were Hebrew Israelite descendants of the above mentioned tribes. The last phase of the 'scattering' (dispersion) of the Hebrew Israelite tribes was the 'Trans-Atlantic SLAVE TRADE, and the inhuman enslavement of America and the Western Hemisphere.

“And the LORD shall 'SCATTER'(disperse) you among 'ALL PEOPLE', from one end of the earth to the other….And the LORD shall bring you into EGYPT(BONDAGE/SLAVERY) again with “SHIPS” by the way whereof I spake unto you, You shall see it no more again; and there

(in the land of captivity) you shall be 'SOLD' for 'BONDMEN'(MALE SLAVES) and 'BONDWOMEN'(FEMALE SLAVES), and no man shall buy

you(redeem you; pay for your ransom).” Deuteronomy 28:64-68

However, at the end of the age and the end of Gentile(European) world domination, YAH(GOD) promised He would begin to send his Holy Spirit(Ruak Ha Kadosh) to 'raise up' the remnants of His people Israel(the African Hebrew Israelites) from the four corners of the earth and from all the places He has 'scattered' them. This is what we are now beginning to see in Africa and in America.

“And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall set his hand again the 'second time' to 'recover' the 'remnant' of His people which shall be 'left'(remain) from 'Assyria', and from 'EGYPT'; and from 'PATHROS'(upper Egypt- near Sudan); and from “CUSH”(ETHIOPIA); and from 'ELAM'(Iran/India)l and from 'Shinar'(Iraq); and from 'Hamath'; and from the 'Islands of the sea'(San Thome/ Cape Verde/ Jamaica/ Virgin Islands; etc). And He shall set up an ensign for the nations (Rastafari means name manifest), and shall assemble the 'outcasts' of 'ISRAEL', and gather together the 'dispersed' (scattered) of 'JUDAH' from the 'four corners' of the earth.” Isaiah 11:11-12........

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Queen Nanny the Akan Hebrew Israelite Nasserite 'EMPRESS of The Tribe of Judah Isaiah 44:6-8 Isaiah 49

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