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10.08.2004 General News

Ghana Airways – A Glaring Failure Of NPP Government

By CPP(UK) Secretariat
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In our Press Release of April 2004 we pointed out why the NPP government has failed Ghana Airways - the National Air carrier, which has been going for over 45 years.

We pointed out that Ghana Airways has been a source of pride and joy for Ghana, Ghanaian and non- Ghanaian travelers on the African continent as well as globally to other destinations.

We asked why Ghana Airways has lost ground in 31/2 years of NPP rule. We asked why 5 CEO's during that same period under the NPP government have failed to halt the deterioration.

Months have now passed and despite high profile announcements on Ghana Airways , nothing seems to change, indeed the situation has worsened in recent months with the grounding of a Ghana Airways Plane in America causing incalculable inconvenience to passengers, and a near riot by passengers at Accra Airport. Week by week the situation gets worse with government seemingly still impotent in the face of corporate contracts and leasing arrangements which remain ever questionable, whilst using Ghanaian Tax Payer monies to put Ministers and aides on British Airways and rival flights on travels abroad.

Ghanaians from every walk of life, every background, every political persuasion are now “fed-up” with government in-action and failure on Ghana Airways and many now suspect a hidden agenda by the NPP. Some have even gone as far as to say Ministers have a stake in private companies now competing with Ghana Airways. The vast majority now blame the government for the current state of Ghana Airways

Whatever the truth , this unsatisfactory state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, with the unending spiral of decline tarnishing the image of our beloved country – Ghana.

Many have cited failures of management and incompetence and now see the failures of Ghana Airways as a glaring failure of the NPP government, going right to the door of the Minister responsible for Transport.

The question many want us to ask the Hon. Minister is this:

· Is it not the same managers who are manning the Airline as 31/2 years ago · What has happened in 31/2 years that has turned the Airline into the chaotic mess it now seems to be in? · What is the outcome of any enquiry into recent events surrounding Ghana Airways? · What initiatives is the Minister planning with Ghana Airways to prevent a repeat of recent failures? · When is the Minister going to announce clear plans on the future of the Airline? · What are the timelines/deadlines for seeing meaningful change at Ghana Airways?

Ghanaians have continued to show their patriotism and faith in Ghana Airways , it is time the New Patriotic Party(NPP) showed its patriotism faith in Ghana Airways. .

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