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24.03.2015 Feature Article

Follow Your Talent!

Follow Your Talent!
LISTEN MAR 24, 2015

Ghana's system is now producing many so called rappers who claim to be talented ones! I find it difficult to fathom out this phenomenon because it is strange to me. These young people must understand that talent is talent and it manifests as such! For it is very easy to recognise a talented person or a talented rapper in this case.

However, I have taken my time to listen to the raps of these so called rappers, but most of them do not possess originality in rap, which is a sign of a talented rapper! Also, my candid observation shows that these self-imposed rappers have entered rap music because it has become reliably lucrative! That is why I perceive them as wannabe rap stars.

Lastly, I advise these young ones to discover their true talents through meditation, observation and conviction. And then proceed to develop them through practice, training, learning and mentoring. For they are very necessary for their personal development. Or else they would rap, rap and rap but they are likely to become stones in a forest!

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(Dated 24-03-15).
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