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22.03.2015 Headlines

Political Parties Refuse To Publish Audited Account

By Graphic.Com.Gh
Political Parties Refuse To Publish Audited Account
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A Takoradi-based non-governmental organisation (NGO), Home Makers Organisation, has expressed concern about the refusal of the various political parties in the country to submit their audited accounts annually as required by the 1992 Constitution.

Mr Daniel Arthur, founder and leader of the NGO, said the Constitution made it mandatory that, "Political parties shall be required by law to declare to the public their revenues and assets and the sources of their revenues and assets; and to publish to the public annually their audited accounts."

However, "I must say it is possible the political parties have all the documents to support such a demand but the question here is, why haven't they complied all these years?"

In an interview with the Daily Graphic in Takoradi, Mr Arthur said they were not doing so because it would reveal loopholes but pointed out that corruption had become the key to survival due to the ignorance of the people about their constitutional rights.

He added that "political leaders have become puppets being controlled by the business people within the party so where they have to make decisions in the interest of the nation, they rather consider the interest of their sponsors and party”.

The founder and leader of the NGO said funds meant for development programmes eventually found their way into the pockets of political administrators, and added that people had lost their smile due to poor administration and direction.

"Today, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) is pointing accusing fingers at the National Democratic Congress (NDC), tomorrow NDC will point fingers at the NPP, blaming each other for the problems we face. Do we need this in our age?” Mr Arthur demanded.

Paradigm shift
He said Ghana needed a paradigm shift, from the system of governance given to Ghana during the independence era which was meant for a maximum of 15 million people, adding that at the moment the number had risen to 26 million but it was the same system in place. "So how far can we go with it before we realise that a new one is needed?”

He declared, "Pondering over these makes me wonder if really we need these politicians with their politics to build Ghana. If they have done that for 58 years and still [we face] the same problems, then it's time for us to wake up from our slumber."

The founder and leader of Home Makers Organisation indicated that more than 85 per cent of the population,both educated and uneducated, did not have any idea about what was written in the Constitution and, therefore, did not apply it in their daily lives.

He also pointed out that the same percentage, instead of reading the Constitution to know and understand what was expected of them as Ghanaians, rather spent time reading the Bible.

"Here, their interest stems from the fact that they have lost total interest in the political leaders since they only tell lies; they don't fulfil promises." Mr Arthur stressed.

He suggested a number of ideas that would improve the governance system of the country to include the rewriting of the Constitution and reviewing the mode of election of parliamentarians and appointment of ministers of state.

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