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22.03.2015 Feature Article

Helping Each Other Is The Way To Go For Africa!

Helping Each Other Is The Way To Go For Africa!
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The typical black man has a retrogressive thinking, and that is, he prays for the stagnation of his fellow black man! So that his fellow black man does not get to where he is or even surpass him. Oh how selfish and egocentric a typical black man can be! That retrogressive thinking is absurd, primitive and evil, because a struggling continent like Africa needs a people who help each other to progress!

Remember, those you pray for them to stagnate are the same people who would haunt you because of your selfish gains! That is one way you compel these people to act like wizards and witches. Also, it is clear that a typically privileged or successful black man wishes to have monopoly on his area! Therefore, some people always say that: "...the black man is his own enemy...!"

Moreover, do not let this crucial issue seem abstract to you. This is because it has been happening in our arts and entertainment sector especially. I believe this is due to the fact that this sector of ours is associated with real hustle and struggle. And the survivors in the sector live the retrogressive thinking as a form of revenge. To me, that is acute myopia at work in the typical black man!

Lastly, let us defy the status quo by helping each other in our various worlds. Because the help we give others today would be of help to us one day, since today's help helps the helper in future! I tell you, Ghana and Africa cannot progress with such retrogressive thinking. And if you continue to live by that retrogressive thinking, it would certainly cause the retrogression of your potential!

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