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Nadia Twins Not Mahama's

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Nadia Twins Not Mahama's

Alhaji Sidiku Buari, father of Ghanaian actress and proud mother of twin baby girls, Nadia Buari, has debunked claims that President John Mahama is the father of the babies.

Alhaji Buari expressed disappointment about a report that Nadia had granted an interview disclosing that the President is the father of her twins whom she delivered last month.

The report suggested that Nadia, who was believed to be in Atlanta in the United States where she was said to have delivered the babies, has now relocated to Spanish Island of Marca where she is alleged to have tweeted that President Mahama is the proud father of the girls.

'I'm very confident who he is and one day Mahama will be too,' the message, published on a number of websites, stated.

As a young mum, she said she was looking forward to hearing from President John Mahama, 'the man who got me pregnant,' to come forward now to make it known to the public.

The delivery of the twins has become the major topic for discussion in the Ghanaian media, particularly on social media, with curious minds asking who their father is.

The last known person who dated the diva was Nigerian actor Jim Iyke, who says he has nothing to do with the twins.

Then there was a report of Nadia receiving sperms from a South African donor, which has also been rubbished with the latest twist that President Mahama is the father of the baby girls.

The President's bit drew the ire of National Democratic Congress (NDC) activists who were disappointed in Sidiku Buari for allowing the rumours to gain ground without quenching it.

They claimed that Sidiku, former President of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), was enjoying it simply because Mr Mahama had been linked to his daughter's babies.

However, speaking on Hitz Entertainment News, Alhaji Buari discredited the report, saying, 'they are all fabrications.'

'That's a big lie. Much as I respect some of the media people, some of them are just unbelievable what they put in the papers or what you hear on the radio and the television because in most cases they lie,' he stated.

'Where on earth did this happen? Where will Nadia say that? In a Spanish radio station, isn't that funny? Just recently somebody was showing me two pictures of twins which are far from the truth. Which were not the twins that Nadia had.'

He stressed that he wouldn't be forced to divulge the identity of the father of the twins.

Speculative reports that the President is the father of his daughter's twins won't force him to give the man's identity, he said and added that 'When it's time, I will let you know.'

Sidiku Buari asked the media to respect the privacy of his daughter. 'There are decent people who [don't] like publicity,' he added.

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