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06.08.2004 Diaspora News

Letter from Libya (Unedited)

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sir/madam, Is rather unfortunate that Ghanaian's in Libya are suffring in the hands of Arabs, Because of in compitance of Ghana Embassy officials. First of all, Ghanaians are been deported without any tangible reason, moreover they are been deported without been allowed to take their belongs let alone pen. the first bage who were deported to Ghana was sad news for rest of us in Libya and the sadness of the new is the minister of foriegn affiars said they are welcome home and said "no place like home "

I wonder how a minister should say such a thing without invastigating what was the cause of the deportation. Libya Embassy in Accra said that there are more Ghanaian to be deported still the minister said nothing to that ,lastly The Officials of Ghana Embassy in Tripoli are like "EGYPTIAN MUMMIES" when if comes to the sons of Ghana suffring in the hands of this Arabs , meanwhile as an Embassy they were supposed to take care our problems in needs. there are more flaws of the Ghana Embassy. They are like 'mumu'