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04.08.2004 Tabloid News

Pastor Grabbed For Raping Married Woman

By — GNA
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A pastor of the African Faith Tabernacle Church at Akim Achiase,Stephen Quansah, who claimed he could make a married woman have a child, fled into the bush when he was confronted over the raping of the woman in a hotel in Akim Oda.

A police source at Akim Achiase told the Ghana News Agency in Akim Oda that for some time, the woman, whose name has been withheld, had been having a series of miscarriages. He said her husband, therefore, took her to the pastor's prayer camp at Akim Achiase, where it was agreed that the husband would pay the pastor a fee of ¢400,000 if he was able to make the woman give birth successfully.

The source said a few days later, Pastor Quansah invited the woman to his camp and gave her a concoction, which he claimed cost ¢30,000 and later asked her to accompany him to Akim Oda to collect the money from her husband. On the way, Pastor Quansah told the woman that he had seen a taxi belonging to the husband parked at a place and asked the woman to talk to the driver.

The source said from there, he took the woman to a popular hotel in Oda where he bought drinks and some food, which the woman refused to drink or eat.It said after Quansah had drunk the drink and eaten the food, he invited the woman to a room in the hotel.

In the room, he read the Bible, after which he undressed, pushed the woman onto the bed and forcibly had sex with her and detained her till the next day.The source said the woman, however, failed to reveal her ordeal to her husband until some days later, after her husband's friend had told him what he saw.

When confronted, the woman denied the report, so the husband later invited some family members and confronted the wife on the issue. At that point, she confessed that the pastor had, indeed, raped her in the hotel room. The source said the husband, together with the family members, left for Achiase to confront the pastor, but before they could sit down over the issue, Quansah escaped.

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