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04.08.2004 Diaspora (France)

MURDER IN PARIS - Some more details

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The tragic death of Paa Kwasi Boateng who was stabbed by his own wife's sister, has raised series of disputes among Ghanaians living in FRANCE and other parts of Europe.

On the 11th July 2004, one sunday afternoon, a regular dispute arose between Paa and Akosua on a Telephone abuse. Paa Kwasi stood against the unnecessary use of the home telephone by his wife,s sister.Akosua Serwaa claimed she was using her own sisters phone and refused to recognise Kwasi as the authority head of the family.

According to sources Akosua was always a thorn in the flesh for Paa Kwasi ever since he married Theresa Akosua,s eldest sister. It would be unreasonable to think that Theresa had a hand in the murder of her own husband whom she loved so dearly. After that fateful sundays dispute, Kwasi went away to a friend by name Oduro. On his absence, Akosua Serwaa took his attire and started cutting them into pieces. Theresa who could no more control her sister called her husband to rush home to control the situation. On Kwasi's arrival, the dispute took to a climax and the young girl (21) rushed to the kitchen, fetched for a knife and did not miss her target. Many claim the hand of witches in this, but wether witches or not, Akosua is the one in the hands of French Police.

Paa Kwasi (30) a handsome juicy young man was buried by the Bethel Prayer Ministry, Pastor Rev.Thomas Boateng, together with other Pastors Ntim, Godwin Benefo and Aggrey.

At the burial already, tee-shirts with inscriptions (Nku me fie na nkosu me abonten) were worn by the close friends of Paa Kwasi. About 30 Policemen escorted the body, as about an estimated number of 1040 Ghanaians followed to the Public Cemetery of MELUN .(Department77 of Paris Region)

According to information released to GNA, the funeral of our beloved Paa Kwasi will be held on the 7th of August 2004 at 144 Avenue Du President Wilson 22hrs-06hrs. The question is can Theresa be allowed the liberty to mourn her dear husband whom her own sister stabbed to death? We Pray for a solemn funeral, one that will teach psychological lessons to parents on how to train and bring up their children that they may not depart from it when they grow. What a man sow, he shall reap.

May our Lord and saviour JESUS have Mercy (undeserved Favour) upon us all ;including AKOSUA SERWAA, and may PAA KWASI BOATENG,s Soul Rest In Peace.

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