30.07.2004 General News

Ghana Airways Begins Air Lifting Passengers To The U.S

30.07.2004 LISTEN
By JoyNews

Ghana Airways has begun lifting some of its stranded passengers in Ghana to the United States.

The airline's officials on Thursday reached an agreement with Egypt Air to air lift seventeen of the passengers from the Kotoka International Airport to the US via the Egyptian capital Cairo.

A source at the Airline's Head Office in Ghana said that the seventeen passengers were mainly people who needed medical attention in the United States.

A senior management member of the airline, Mawuko Afadzanu, however told JoyNews in an interview that they were working around the clock to get all the stranded passengers to their destinations both in the US and in Accra.

Mr. Afadzanu said they were exploring a number of alternatives to get all the stranded passengers to their destinations both in the US and Ghana.

He said the alternatives include holding discussions with other airlines to consider lifting some passengers for them.

He said the main aim however is securing an aircraft that is big enough to get all the passengers to their destinations.

The airline was banned by the US department of transportation from operating in and from the US on the grounds that it had bridged safety regulations and it was also operating on an expired license.

The ban led to the grounding of the airline's plane in the US thus making over three hundred passengers stranded both in the US and Ghana.

Four officers of the airline have been interdicted by the board and they will answer questions on their role in creating the mess.

The board has also initiated investigations into what led to the current state of affairs.

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