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11.02.2015 General News

Kasoa Blue Top Estate Residents Fight Water Tanker Operators

By Jacob Ashun Junior
Kasoa Blue Top Estate Residents Fight Water Tanker Operators
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Workers of Ghana Water Company and Water Tanker Drivers in Kasoa have teamed up to deprive Residents of Blue Top Estate of water for 5 months now.

1. They believe that the Blue Top Estate Residents have the economic capacity to buy the water from the tankers at 200gh.

2. The Tanker Drivers do make contribution for the Ghana water company worker who is responsible for opening the valve that services the Blu Top Estate Residents as his motivation/share of the sales from the water sold to the residents.

3.A Ghana water company worker came to me to ask for 500gh to be given to one who opens the valve for him to go and open the valve for us to get water. l told him once that person is being paid at the month for that job. over my dead body and l will make sure that nonsense has come to an end.

4. some of the water tankers are owned by Ghana water Company workers.

5. A pure water manufacture at Wallantu area in front of Master Joe'House, just behind the Blue Top Estate has also closed a valve that serves some part of the estate claiming that he bought it from Ghana water company so he will not allow that valve to serve the Blue Top Estate residents.

6. Frank Asiedu a field operations officer of Ghana water company at SCC district officer is in the know of this and was part of the team that cracked down the cartel last two years when the former district manager of Ghana water company Mr Baido was there. it is believed Mr. Frank Asiedu is well involved in the deal. He knows what to do to let water flow at the Blue Top Estate. He has been involved in two separate operations led by Mr.Jacob Ashun Junior and his team together with the former District Manager Mr. Baido that lead to the discovery of the illegalities going at Wallantu area to CP Junction valve.

7. At the last meeting with Mr Nii Asgong the new District Manger at the SCC, on the same problem last year, Frank Asiedu pretended as if he new nothing about the illegalities going on there and as such depriving the residents of Blue Top Estate the flow of water through their pipes.l made it known to the Manager-Mr. Nii Ashong of the role Frank Asiedu played and how knowledgeable he is about the illegalities around that area. Few days after that meeting the water started flowing at the estate.

8. Now a New District office has been created at kasoa new market area but the new District Managress does not know the illegalities on the ground and the field workers are having their way. l have called her several times to inform her about the situation since November but she seems not have a full grip on the situation on the ground.

9. The Concern Residents of Blue Top Estate led by Jacob Ashun Junior-0268165808 are calling for the following actions:

a. A meeting comprising the regional manager Mr. Frank Asiedu of the Dansoman Region Office Ghana Water Company Limited, The District Manager at SCC, Mr, Nii Ashong, The New District Manageress at Kasoa Jennive, the field officer at SCC and representatives from the media to pay a visit to all the valves at Wallantu to CP Junction area to see things for themselves at first hand in order to have a lasting solution to the annual rituals of water deprivation of residents of Blue Top Estate.

b.There is a valve close to the Apostolic Church near the transformer, just before the entrance of the Estate from the Nyanyano road that must be connected to serve the estate. The Distance from that valve to the Estate is less than 100m and there is water in that valve even yesterday. so why should the residents be denied of water?

c.we are calling for the actualization of our demands last by Thursday 12:00 noon.

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