26.07.2004 General News

African Human Rights Training Centre For Ghana

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A human rights training centre to serve West and Central Africa is to be established in Accra in two years. A planning committee made up of representatives of human rights organisations in the two-sub regions and the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) has been set up to do ground work for its establishment and launching.

Prof Kwame Karikari, Executive Director of the Media Foundation for West Africa, announced this at a press briefing in Accra.

He said the decision to establish the training centre was taken at the end of the three-day meeting held in Accra by various human rights organisations in West and Central Africa.

The centre is to provide training for human rights advocates and operators in the two sub-regions and engage in research to contribute ideas to the International Human Rights Commission.

It will also be affiliated to universities and other academic centres involved in human rights work.

Prof Karikari said the main reason for the establishment of the centre was to enable Human Rights advocates, defenders and organisations in Africa to make contributions to local and international thinking on human rights.

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