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04.02.2015 Feature Article

Caring For All Believers!!! My Concern For Mass Or Multitude Churches---Part VIII

Caring For All Believers!!! My Concern For Mass Or Multitude Churches---Part VIII
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Perhaps people should have no doubts in their minds or believe that, our cooperation in creating a friendly environment full of peace serving the brethren in your local or community churches; helps in no small terms our Lord's ability to create/work out in us His model. The Lord Himself says abide in me.

The fact that Peter the rock carved out of the original Rock?Christ, was asked to feed His flock speaks volumes.It appears to me Peter was being asked to provide a human service in a spiritual environment. Not as though he considered the Church as an organisation.

Paul also entreated Timothy to ensure that certain leading/serving members of the local or community church, do posses or have certain qualities, characteristics and spiritual growths.This was necessary for them to be qualified to function in their spiritual function in the church.

We also know that, Stephen was mentioned in functioning well in this office (serving at the tables ) even to death tells us of his devotion and services . Again we know Paul choose certain brothers to undertake certain functions,all in the church also confirmed that.

The Lord again said the functioning officers or members were equipped with spiritual gifts and talents were for the building up of the church;alongside the Spiritual inner workings by Himself.For the Lord knew He was not dealing with robots; yet to achieve the calving of Himself into the Christians ( is an issue of spirituality) He also had the need for human cooperation but not as though they undertook the calling, conviction, infilling,transforming etc (Spirit). But evangelising,setting the tables during fellowships or meetings, settling disputes among the brethren etc etc. (Men). Also teaching/feeding the flock of Christ were to be humanly done. I will leave this for another day.

Meanwhile let us proceed to deal with continuing from part vii :The living God is in contrast to dead religion. The Lord is the embodiment of the living God, having nothing to do with dead religion. The name Barjona is simply the son of Jonah. When Jesus spoke about “flesh and blood” He was referring to the natural body, who was created and became fallen.

Only the Father knows the Son on (11:27 ); hence, only He can reveal the Son to us. This requires devotion, denial of the self and many more.

The Father's revelation concerning Christ is only the first half of the mystery, which is Christ and the Church Eph 5:32). Hence, the Lord needed to reveal to Peter the second half also, which concerns the Church.

I.E. Or a stone; material for God's building ( 1 Pet. 2: 5 ) This rock refers not only to Christ but also to this revelation.

I do hope by now some of you are getting a better understanding of Gods' view point about “the church “. contd. V 19. This gospel is concerned with the kingdom of heavens, which is a matter of authority. The church revealed in this book represents the kingdom with its reign. Hence, the authority to build or to loose was given not only to Peter, the apostle for the church here, but also to the church itself (18:17-18).

Whatever the church people bind or loose on earth must be something that has already been bound or loosed in the heavens. We can bind and loose only what has been bound or loosed in the heavens.

Are we making you sit up and be prepared to rediscover what you are doing or where you are in Christ, leaving the politics of it behind.

V 20. Finally with this reference as above, the revelation concerning Christ with His church is hidden from the religious. Which may give you the reasons for the atrocities carried out in the name of “the church or churches”.It may also suggest the training models for their clergymen, or founders and elite. It is not a dispute that it the Lord building His Church, with men serving Him.

I will give you an example of how this works out as recorded in the Bible.

The book of Ezekiel was by Ezekiel himself, a man who at the age of thirty was a priest, a Levite, was qualified to begin his service to the Lord (Num.4: 2-3; 1 Chron. 23:3 cf Luke 3:23). Indeed this age signifies maturity, indicating that in spiritual things, especially in seeing vision recorded in this book, there is the need of maturity in divine life ( cf 1 Cor. 2:14-15, 3:1-2).I can relate to this as Paul said “being young it relates to most of your actions just as in most cases reflects your ways as you age and get experienced especially with the Lord maturing you”. You can look onto your works and begin to know how far the Lord has brought you in His service.

The vision showed to Ezekiel and which forms the subject of this book is: “ God's Appearance To Man in Glory, His Judgement upon Both His People and the Nations, and His Recovery of His Chosen People for the Building up of a Dwelling Place as a mutual Abode and Complete Expression for and of Himself”.

In this Book it reveals God's visions are His revelation, which enable His people to see divine, spiritual and heavenly things. Ezekiel saw spiritual, heavenly visions in his spirit ( cf Eph. 3:3-5; Rev. 1:10; 4:2; 17:3; 21:10) under an opened heaven. He presented these visions to God's people that they might be recovered from their captivity for the building up of God's dwelling place. (Does it sound familiar to you, you may be properly linked to the vine and enjoying the whole benefit and Person of Christ).It was mainly through Ezekiel's prophesying to the people in captivity ( 3:10-11) that they eventually detested the idols, turned their hearts to God. And they were returned to their homeland after seventy years.

May I let you in another one , The Bible as a whole, and the book of Ezekiel as a miniature of the Bible, reveals that God's intention is to dispense Himself into His chosen people. Making them the same as He is in His life, His nature, and His image but not in His God-head.That we might be mingled with Him as one entity and be built together in Him to be His eternal habitation, the New Jerusalem the alternate. This is the central point of the revelation of the Bible and also of the four visions presented in the Book of Ezekiel.

In Ezekiel God showed how He wanted Ezekiel not only to behold with his eyes but also to hear with his ears (40:4); hence, He gave him His words along with His visions'. God's words to Ezekiel was not an ordinary word but an express word, a special word. God's express words enable us both to understand the ( His) visions and to proclaim and explain what we have seen (1 Cor. 2:9-13).

Did you also know that the name “Ezekiel also meant : God strengthens, or may God strengthen, Buzi means contemptible, or despised. As the son of Buzi, Ezekiel was a prophet despised by the people. Compare that with the human lineage of Jesus the Man Slave. I am too excited I can't wait to catch up with you on the Lords day,Sunday.

I extend the faithful blessings of the Lord to you All. Love you all in the Lord.

Jude Thaddeus Taylor
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