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01.02.2015 Politics

The 'Dumsor Dumsor' Is Now Terrific…I Am Fed Up!…Pratt

By Daily Guide
The 'Dumsor Dumsor' Is Now Terrific…I Am Fed Up!…Pratt
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The Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr is devastated with the country's unstable power supply and says he is now fed up with the situation which is collapsing his 'small' newspaper business. 

The Social Commentator insisted that, the power outage is not only affecting his business but other businesses as well.

'I must admit that the consequences of this power crisis is totally devastating. People are frustrated now. I am sure we all know what it cost to operate a generator. I have a “two-by-four office”, very small and any day we have to power our generator, I spend GHC 100.00 a day. That is huge for a small newspaper like us [Insight newspaper]. That is just an additional cost because the main light bill is not paid yet.

'…I am deeply worried by the consequences for the big industries. What this means is that the unemployment situation will rocket. When industries faces all these problems, it affects the level of employment, It affects health as well because doctors also need electricity to be able to do x-ray and operations,' he cried.

Speaking on Radio Gold's “Alhaji and Alhaji” programme, the outspoken journalist described the erratic power supply as 'terrific' and charged President John Dramani Mahama to do whatever it takes to solve the crises.

'The consequences of this “Dumsor Dumsor” is terrific…the earlier we found the solution, the better. I am getting fed up with announcements of plans and the announcements of dates of which the problem will be solved. All we need is that, the problem need to be addressed to our satisfaction,' he lamented. 

'If all of us knew what to do…if all of us could do what it takes to resolve the energy crisis and others…then it will not be necessary to elect a government. We elect a government because some people must be leading that effort…we elect a government because all of us don't know what to do and so on. I think it is the responsibility of government to do what it opt to do to get us [Ghanaians] out from this crisis,' he added 

The current spate of power outages in the country has created much anger and frustration among Ghanaians.

In the heat of this frustration and anger, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Mahama-led government have still not been able to rectify the crises.

Credit:   King Edward Ambrose Washman Addo

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