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28.01.2015 Feature Article

The NPP In Ghana Are As Bad As The Republicans In America

The NPP In Ghana Are As Bad As The Republicans In America
LISTEN JAN 28, 2015

The above statement is very true and appropriate. If for nothing at all, both parties in their respective countries are in the minority and they make the most noise. For example, during the “Obama care” debate on the senate floor in America, a Republican Senator, Ted Cruz, stood on the floor for almost 22 hours and all he said was nonsense and a complete waste of time.

Similarly, during a press statement after the NPP had filed an election petition at the Supreme Court, all they said was nonsense and a complete waste of time. According to the NPP, they won the election petition even before the court started to hear their case.

Most people in the world know that the US Federal Government was shut down for 16 days. During that period, the US economy lost $24 billion. This shut down was caused by the Republicans. Are the government shut down and the economic consequences different from the NPP bogus Election petition? Is it different from NPP's 2012 boycott of vetting Ministers appointed by President Mahama? Is it different from NPP's 1992 boycott of Parliament? The evil intentions of both parties were the same and the final outcome also happened to be the same.

After the government opened for business, President Barack Obama, a Democrat, made a statement and I quote, “Some of the same folks who pushed for the shutdown and threatened default claimed their actions were needed to get America back on track” Are the actions and inactions of the NPP around the world not similar to what the Republicans did?

They unnecessarily demonstrate against President John Mahama and the NDC all over the world at the least instinct. The reasons for those illegal demonstrations included the fact that the NPP wanted to “get Ghana back on track.” Unfortunately they rather discouraged our friends around the world and considerably reduced foreign investors into the country. Is that the best and honest way for a patriotic citizen to get his or her country back on track?

A 2012 presidential candidate of the Republican Party, Mitt Romney, said that 47% of Blacks, who will vote for President Obama, live on welfare and are unwilling to raise themselves up from poverty. A presidential candidate of the NPP, Victor Owusu, said that the people from the Volta Region are inward-looking. President Kuffour of the NPP also said that Ghanaians are lazy people. Do we see the similarities of the statements made by both the Republicans and the NPP? Such statements are made out of desperation and frustration. Should we vote for such parties in our various countries to rule us again? Hell NO! They are evil and therefore do evil.

Through the leadership style and governance of both Presidents J. J. Rawlings and Prof. Atta-Mills, (NDC government) Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama (Democrats) visited Ghana. Similarly, through the leadership style and governance of President AgyekumKuffour, (NPP government) President George Bush (Republican) visited Ghana.

Now both Presidents Clinton and Obama are considered two of the finest and best Presidents America would ever have. On the other hand, President George Bush and his father are considered two of the arrogant and worse Presidents America would ever have. Do you think that NDC Presidents attracting best Presidents of America to Ghana and NPP President attracting worse American President a coincidence? “By their fruits, you will know them…..” and “Birds of the same feathers…..”

One other similarity between the NPP and the Republicans is that both parties campaign only in their strongholds. They therefore assume that the noise and the crowds at their rallies represent the noise and support of the people in their various countries. NPP, during national elections think and assume that the elections are held amongst NPP operatives. Therefore anyone who wins should be an NPP. That is why when an NDC wins a national election; they get surprised because they don't know where that NDC candidate came from.

They therefore refuse to accept the results and cry rigging. The Republicans in America also have the same mentality. To be fair here, one difference between the NPP and the Republicans is that, the Republicans accept results of elections when they are defeated. The NPP shamefully don't.

Another similarity between the NPP and the Republicans is that both parties don't have alternative suggestions and solutions to the ruling government. All they have are liars, stubbornness, arrogance and insults. At one point in time, Dr.Bawumia, attempted to offer alternative to how inflation rate should be calculated in Ghana, but he ended up making fun of himself. Mr. OsafoMarfo also attempted to show the state of the Ghanaian economy and his case was even worse. Similarly, when you listen to Ted Cruz and some Republicans giving alternative solutions to Obama Care, you begin to wonder if these people are true human beings.

NPP in Ghana hate President John Mahama and Ghanaians. The Republicans in America hate President Obama and Americans. The main reason why they hate Presidents Mahama and Obama is that they are Presidents of their respective countries who they think don't deserve to be Presidents. NPP claim President Mahama is a Northerner, and therefore a slave in Ghana. Republicans also claim President Obama is an African-American, and therefore a slave in America.

The NPP and Republicans hate Ghanaians and Americans respectively because they still don'tunderstand why their countrymen and women voted massively for slaves in Election 2012. They think they are the only royals and wise people to rule their respective countries.

Finally, due to the unfortunate government shut down caused by the Republicans, they are going to suffer massive defeat in Elections 2016. Similarly, due to the bogus election petition brought up by the NPP, they are going to suffer massive defeat in Elections 2016. This is my prediction due to the fact that the NPP in Ghana are as bad as the Republicans in America.

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Lawrence Appiah-Osei
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