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20.07.2004 Business & Finance

STC Loses Market Share

By Chronicle
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The market share of the premier transportation company in the country, the State Transport Company (STC), is gradually reducing as its slogan of being safe, reliable, convenient and fast, as it is gradually turning to be dangerous, unreliable, tiresome and slow, The Business Chronicle has gathered from a cross section of passengers of STC.

According to The Business Chronicle's investigations, lots of precious time is wasted at STC bus terminals, resulting in the loss of several millions of cedis to both the company and the state.

A passenger, who was on the 4:30 pm STC bus from Accra to Takoradi that broke down on its way on the 16th of July, recounted the loss of professionalism of STC staff and management in the running of the company. "There is no professionalism in the way they operate now," the old man added.

STC, though the highest fare charger, is the worst when it comes to prompt departure, as the buses depart late and frequently break down, especially on the Accra-Takoradi road.

Passengers of STC are currently not happy with services they provide. Kwame Danso, also a passenger, noted that the buses were not washed properly and were untidy.

He went ahead to say that even some of the drivers went to the extent of taking passengers on the roads and pocket the fare at the expense of the company.

With the advent of new commercial transport services like the Kingdom and O&A transport services plying the same routes, which are cleaner and charge lower fares, customers of STC are now shifting to them.

They have however advised the staff and management of STC to put their acts together; otherwise they would one day stop patronizing the services of the company.