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10.01.2015 General News

More Trouble For Ruby  

By Daily Guide
More Trouble For Ruby   
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Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Adu-Gyamfi The woes of convicted drug baroness, Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Adu-Gyamfi, are not over, as she is scheduled to make yet another appearance in court on July 6, 2015.

This is in view of her failure to declare some monies she had on her during her arrest at the Heathrow Airport in London, United Kingdom.

Even though she has been sentenced to eight years, eight months imprisonment for smuggling some 12kg of cocaine into that country, the British authorities are considering the option of pressing charges against her for not declaring a whopping $23,000 in her possession at the time of her arrest.

Additionally, the 32-year-old was said to be holding £6,000 on her which was also seized by the British Drug Enforcement Administration upon her arrest on November 10, 2014 on a British Airways flight, BA078, from Accra to London.

She indeed confirmed ownership of the money on the day she was convicted on her own plea in relation to the cocaine case and therefore faces a confiscation hearing on July 6.

The United Kingdom Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations currency rules provide no restrictions for passengers arriving from or traveling to another EU member state.

However, if a passenger is arriving directly from or traveling to a country outside the EU, amounts exceeding €10,000 or the equivalent in another currency (including banker's draft and cheques of any kind) must be declared.

This is part of the reasons authorities in that country are considering putting Ruby before court to answer why she failed to declare those amounts in the arrival documents served on her before the plane touched down in London.

The Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday gave its verdict on the infamous Ruby cocaine scandal, convicting the lady for smuggling cocaine into the UK.

Ruby was subsequently handed a custodial sentence of eight years, eight months on her own guilty plea of attempting to smuggle 12kg of cocaine into the UK.

Her properties in Ghana, including a mansion at East Legon, are being considered for confiscation by the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB).

Her alleged accomplices who were said to have travelled with her to London and are facing trial in Accra are said to be ready to sing like canaries about who facilitated the trip when they appear in court in the next two weeks, if only the case will take off, a source told DAILY GUIDE .

Ruby, who reportedly travelled on an Austrian passport, said she wanted to be repatriated to Austria and not Ghana after serving her sentence.

She said her repatriation to Austria would ensure her security because of the high level of public interest in the case.

Breast Implant Ruby, according to DAILY GUIDE sources, when she was arrested and interrogated as to her reasons for coming to the UK, told the British agents that she had visited London to have her breast implant removed at the high end clinic in Harley Street and also do other businesses.

By Charles Takyi-Boadu