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14.07.2004 General News

NPP Party Police On Rampage Again

By The Lens
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The more the government denies their existence the more they go on rampage and leave tales of woe, chaos and sometimes murder along their trails. Who are these violent breeds of policemen causing havoc all over the place? Some call them Kufuor Police, others NPP Police but for the most part they have earned the derogatory label of Party Police.

Not long ago, one member of this terror squad shot and killed a young man in Madina. The latest reports reaching us indicates that this time around it is the official police that are at the receiving end of the terror tactics of this breed of untouchables.

Members of this terror squad some days back descended on the Neoplan Police Station and gave the policemen present, a little taste of the havoc they have been wrecking on innocent citizens of the land.

The incident occurred when the attempt by two members of the party police to buy cheaply a DVD player by use of force was foiled by a policeman who came upon the scene. The two 'terrorists' upon realizing that the trader was not willing to sell at the low price they were prepared to offer, attempted to confiscate the item under the pretext that the trader had no duty papers covering his goods. The regular policeman who came upon the scene decided to take the DVD player to the Neoplan Police Station and asked the trader to go procure the duty papers on the item; he also insisted that the two 'party policemen' should provide an identification to substantiate their claim that they were policemen.

When all attempts to convince the policeman to release the DVD player to them failed, they left and not long after came back with a vehicle packed with their party police colleagues. They forced their way into the police station and threatened the policeman in question to release the item to them. They were informed that the item in question had been sent to the police headquarters. They left to the headquarters and unable to lay hands on the item, came back angry to the Neoplan Police Station where they engaged in a serious scuffle with two policemen on duty. The situation was so bad that the regular policemen had to call for reinforcement.

Sensing danger, they entered their vehicle and drove off quickly but were followed by one of the policemen who chased after them with a nearby taxi. Luck ran out on them when upon reaching a barrier mounted by soldiers and policemen, they were at gunpoint, forced to stop and alight from the vehicle; this was because the policeman who was pursuing them, shouted to alert the soldiers about the havoc they had just wrecked at the Neoplan police station. The police reinforcement team arrived at the scene not too long after and rounded them up.

One senior police officer contacted by the Lens lamented that the hands of the Police are tied up when it comes to these 'Party Police People'. According to him, they have the backing of the political establishment, which explains why they are always released anytime they are arrested.

The lens investigations have also revealed that the Kufuor regime having realized that they cannot use the official military and police for their intended dirty tricks have resorted to their own terror squad. It would seem that, as the elections get closer, we would be hearing even more from this terror squad. This is the positive change according to President Kufuor.

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