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14.07.2004 Gossips

Office Of National Security Enmeshed In Cover-Up And Visa Deal

By The Lens
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Emerging credible information has it that very senior officers of the security/intelligence services, actually met with a woman who had been defrauded by persons working in the office of the Vice President of the Republic, and sought to get her to keep quiet about the case.

The officers include the National Security Adviser, Mr. Francis Poku, the Director of Criminal Investigations Department, Mr. Asante Apeatu, Mr. Anokye, and Mr. Daniel Amoako. These are officers who are required by law to investigate and prosecute persons who have fallen foul of the law.

These officers met Mariama Tula, a woman who had been defrauded by persons in the office of the Vice President of a huge sum of money, on the pretext of helping her acquire a visa to the United Kingdom, and told her that since this is an election year the more she continued talking about her case in public the more 'harm' she does to the image of the government.

They assured her that since she was merely seeking to obtain a visa, they (security bosses) would ensure that she gets the visa to the United Kingdom on condition that she no longer publicly speaks on the matter. A proposal to which Mariama Tula readily acquiesced.

In furtherance of this criminal attempt to cover-up a crime just because the perpetrators are members of the NPP working at the seat government, Mariama Tula was issued with another passport with the name Mercy Amoako and her picture, and her job description was given as a secretary in the Office of the President, Castle Annex with her office telephone number given as 021-680022. Indeed, the National Security paid her visa fees and asked her to go to the British embassy to collect the visa.

However, the embassy official processing Mariama Tula's (now known as Mercy Amoako) visa request became suspicious and decided to check on her bona fides. A telephone call was therefore placed to the office of National Security to check if a Mercy Amoah really works there.

As provident would have it, another officer, who knew nothing about the plot hatched by his superiors get Mariama Tula to keep quiet in order that they could cover-up crime(s) committed by people working in the seat of government, blew her cover when he told the embassy that the Mercy Amoah being asked about does not works with the National Security. “Truth crush to earth would rise again”.

This whole sordid event, quiet apart from all the other legitimate questions it raises and its ramifications for good governance, is yet another proof that President Rawlings knew exactly what he was talking about when he told CID boss, Asante Apeatu, in the face that he did “a good job” covering up for the murderers of the Ya-Na, Yakubu Andani II and his followers.

A lady contractor who deals a lot with officials the NPP and knows how very corrupt they are, Miss Florence Ntiamoah, told The Lens, “I now understand why Mr. Kufuor has asked us to go to the law enforcement agencies with our allegations of corruption against his people, he knows that the men he has put in charge of these agencies would not investigate whatever report we would make, they would rather cover-up for the perpetrators.”

In a related development, the Minister of Interior, Hackman Owusu Agyemang, and the IGP, Nana Owusu Nsiah, have flatly refused to institute allegations of illegal transfer of huge sums of foreign currency out of the country by officials of the Winners Church, even though the allegation was made by none other than the Presiding Bishop of the church, Bishop George Agyemang.

The Minister of Interior was reported to have told Bishop Agyemang that thirty percent of Ghana's crude oil imports from Nigeria arrive here through irregular means therefore nothing should be done to put that in danger.

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