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14.07.2004 NDC News

Ketu South Ndc- Need For Caution

By Lens
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The Ketu South constituency of the NDC has always been one of the party's strongholds nationwide. The Constituency it would be recalled opened the floodgates of victory for the NDC in the 1992 elections when the results of the constituency were announced. Until the announcements of the Ketu South results, the NPP had taken a commanding lead and its supporters had begun wild jubilations in anticipation of a resounding victory.

Ketu South abruptly cut short the celebrations and set the stage for a massive victory for the NDC. No wonder the constituency became a household name synonymous with the world bank of the NDC alongside North Tongu. The constituency has since remained a bastion of the NDC.

It is against this background that recent reports about widespread anger and resentment concerning the results of the parliamentary elections of the NDC in Ketu South are both worrying and should be a major cause of concern particularly the threats that continue to be issued to the effect that if nothing is done to remedy the anomaly the majority of NDC supporters would have to take the painful option of voting against their own party in the parliamentary elections.

The Lens' investigations have revealed that these sentiments are truly widespread within the constituency; but for purposes of additional confirmation the Lens urges that the regional executives on behalf of the National executives of the party should dispatch an independent team to assess the situation on the ground and ascertain the truth or otherwise of these reports.

The Lens wishes to also call for restraint and calm among supporters of the party within the constituency. All the gentlemen who contested for the position of parliamentary candidate are worthy of commendation for showing a willingness and commitment to serve their constituency at the national assembly. No matter what differences there might be, it should never be made to appear that it is a crime to desire to serve ones people. It is most noble and we of the Lens say Ayekoo to all of them without exception.

It is in this vein that we decry the insults and the innuendoes that have been flying to and fro. Whilst one group has mockingly derided the eligibility and capability of a particular contestant, the followers of that contestant have also spared no effort to spread all kinds of vicious accusations that the other main opponents were agents of the NPP. We find both of these attempts unfortunate and urge for calm, cooler heads and serious and sober deliberations to ensure that the supreme interest of the party within the constituency remain paramount.

NDC cannot afford to lose Ketu South-that would be a terrible blow no matter how resounding the party's victory nationwide is.

Once again, we state that it is absolutely important for the party to send emissaries to ascertain the real sentiments of the people on the ground, to find out how widespread the feelings of resentments are in order to take a decisive action that would ensure resounding victory for the party within the constituency. Important though the individuals involved maybe, the interest of the constituency and the party must override their personal ambitions. It is better to lose one individual rather than lose a whole constituency.

We of the Lens reiterate our call for maximum restraint on the part of the constituents and urge the national and regional executives of the party to act quickly to ensure that the NDC's fortune in the parliamentary elections in the Ketu South do not receive a huge jolt.

We have gone to the grounds and done our investigations and we do not want to delude anyone that all is well. All is not well in the Ketu South.

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