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13.07.2004 Gossips

NDC PLOTS: Discredit Elections, cause Mayhem

NDC PLOTS:  Discredit Elections, cause Mayhem
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…. CPP UNSUSPECTING PARTNERS? Following consistent and covert operations, THE STATESMAN can confirm that the NDC has hatched a grand design to discredit the December general elections, reject the results and probably prepare the ground for mayhem.
True to prediction, it has emerged that Prof. Mills' recent press conference fits into this alarming plan of breaking Ghana apart if NDC fails to capture power in December.
It further revealed that Prof. Mills' press conference at which he made the ominous statement that they can no longer hold their followers in check was complemented with major a strategic meeting a few days after during which their unholy plans for Ghana were revealed.
This strategic meeting outside Accra agreed that for whatever it takes, the NDC should reject the voters' register soon to be exhibited by EC, fuel the perception of imminent rigging of the election by the EC and the NPP and prepare programmes to discredit and reject the electoral result if and when the NPP is re-elected into power.
What is also alarming is that the NDC sees CPP as an ally in this dangerous enterprise. NDC activists especially in Tamale and Yendi see the CPP as more credible allies to be goaded on to carry out all sorts of acts that will make certain parts of Ghana ungovernable and unstable.

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