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13.07.2004 CPP News

CPP Deserves To Be Returned To Government

By CPP – UK & Ireland
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Ghana , our beloved country is today faced with similar issues to that faced by an earliar generation of Ghanaians in the 1940's and 50's – a desire to control their own destiny, a desire to regain their independence and to live in peace. A desire to use that independence to raise their standard of living. Ghana in the 40's and 50's yearned for a society in which people would be free from poverty and economic exploitation.

The conditions were similar then as now, with large numbers moving to the cities in search of work, with rising unemployment, with the level of wages falling far behind prices and the cost of living.

The situation today though similar is much much worse as Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Bankers, Accountants, IT Personnel are leaving in their numbers, and Ghana's education system produces graduates for other economies.

Migration is not just from the villages to towns and cities , but from Villages , Towns and Cities to foreign shores.

Since the treason against the CPP Ghana has had the wasted coup years , and a 20 year journey from SAP to HIPC.

Structural adjustment coupled with partial debt relief during the journey and as promised now, has not transformed our economy and has not satisfied the overwhelming desire of ordinary Ghanaians for better living standards.

This makes the CPP vision for Ghana relevant today as never before. It was and is a vision with a clear development strategy as demonstrated by the CPP's - First Development Plan 1951 to 1956, Second Development Plan 1959 to 1964 and the Consolidated Plan which bridged the two 1957 to 1959, and off course the Third(The Seven Year) Development Plan launched in 1964.

The main aim and thrust of the plan was to speed up the rate of growth of our national economy and to develop a self-sustaining economy, balanced between industry and agriculture, providing food for ordinary people, and supporting secondary industries based on the products of our agriculture.

Ghana's economy was to be diversified in order to lessen the heavy dependence on cocoa and to develop the infrastructure necessary for industrialisation and for the achievement of a satisfactory level of integration of industry and agriculture.

Impressive progress was made by the CPP in laying the foundations for modern Ghana. · Extensive network of Roads , considered the most modern in Africa.

· Houses, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Clinics were all built on a massive scale.

· Many Industries were founded which kept people employed

· The Harbour at Takoradi was extended.

· A new Artificial Harbour – Tema Harbour , was constructed.

· Piped water supply was provided to villages which had never known such an amenity.

Ghana was meeting local demand for most basic goods, using locally produced raw materials Industries were to be established which would be large consumers of power and for which raw materials would be locally available.

The Industries were to be industries which would use cash crops and provide employment in the rural areas. This was the purpose of the Akosombo Dam and the Volta River Project.

CPP achievement was even more notable on the education front. The CPP's Accelerated Development Plan for Education delivered Universal Free Primary Education, an increase in Teacher Training and Technical Training. This benefited millions of ordinary people , including those who are today's ”great and the good “.

In 1951 when the CPP assumed leadership of Government business there were 1700 primary schools with 226,000 pupils, by 1965 under the CPP this had increased to 11,000 primary schools and 1.5million pupils Education from Primary to University level was free.

On Women the CPP assured Maternity leave on full pay, equal pay for equal work and discriminatory acts relating to women's work were abolished.

Today there is a fresh new breed of CPP woman and CPP man, younger and dynamic Clear and focused on what Ghana needs to be done today to satisfy the desire of every Ghanaian for a better life.

Together with the experience of a dedicated core of veterans in the CPP we simply ask that the CPP is given a chance once again to govern our beloved Ghana to build a better future for the youth of today.

The facts are facts, and the facts are there and it is clear that the CPP track record is second to none and given a chance we will do it again.

Yours In The Service Of Ghana's Democracy

Nii Armah Akomfrah Chairman CPP – UK & Ireland

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