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November 24, 2014 | Feature Article

An Appraisal Of Incompetence Of The Mahama Administration

An Appraisal Of Incompetence Of The Mahama Administration

Competence is a legalistic virtue needed for the successful execution of every policy and program of any political administration. This is quintessential in politics and the reason is that, it shows the capacity of that administration to rationally comprehend any challenging situation and to find sustaining measures in dealing with the situation properly before maybe encountering it again in a longer period of years.

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government whenever the actions and inactions of such a government threaten the peace, tranquility and stability of the nation. Since the commencement of the year 2014, all that have been offered us as citizens by the Mahama-led administration have been insults, lies and sheer incompetence with regard to the management of the energy sector. One would recall that early this year when the energy crisis saw little improvement, the President was blowing his government's horns and made it clear that Ghanaians have short memories because we failed to appreciate his administration's efforts by improving the crisis a bit by not giving him credit, but I ask “What is the duty of any government to the people?” Is it not the happiness of the common man? Or does His Excellency, Prez. Mahama think the duty of every government is the glory of the governors? Now that the energy crisis has intensified beyond expectation, what has the President to say to the people of Ghana?

In my candid opinion, we must face the reality as a country that, the way and manner we are proceeding in dealing with our energy problems is inherently and in actuality very dangerous; and therefore believe the office of the presidency has to apologize to the good people of this country for dealing with the problems mildly and showing cluelessness, incompetence and ineptitudeness in resolving the current energy nemesis.

The Mahama-led administration must be cautioned that the best government to be offered to the people of Ghana rests on the people, and not on the few; on persons and not on property; on the free development of public opinions and not on authority. This power crisis “Dumsodumso” has really made many people jobless therefore compounding the already high rate of unemployment in the country and what do we see? Feeble governance and leadership flaws in dealing with this perennial problem. Leadership flaws currently experienced in this country has brought nothing but rather oppressiveness and social injustice to the people.

I say this because in the 21st Century Ghana, almost all the major sectors of the economy depend on power consumption for productivity and yet, government has failed to be prudent and proactive in dealing with this current nemesis experienced by the country. It has failed to remedy the problem so as to salvage the many collapsing industries and small scale businesses aside its failure in tackling the ailing and broke-shattered economy due to its reckless spending and unnecessary travellings and expenditures that yield no significant results.

The Mahama-led NDC administration ought to be informed and aware that government is a trust and the officers of the government machinery are trustees and that both the trust and trustees are created for the benefits of the people and not the office of the governorship. Why the creation of the Ministry of Power when the already existing Ministry of Energy and Petroleum could be restricted to efficiently and effectively deal with the power nemesis? If the President feels the Minister of Energy and Petroleum cannot achieve the set targets for him therefore adding a new ministry, it will be economical wise and prudent to fire him. Let us as people in authority today not to sacrifice competence for political loyalty. This is because our legacy to the people of Ghana after we have left office will be how many lives were we able to completely transform and how many people did we help in bringing out of the dependency bracket to self-sufficiency and self-sustainability?

Again, many people are struggling to make ends meet and we wake up to be insulted seriously by slapping us with an additional 3% increment on petroleum products. Is the increasing of taxation the only way to go about in dealing with the country's economic predicament experienced currently due to over spending? I absolutely agree with Grover Cleveland when he made this statement in 1886: “When more of the people's sustenance is extracted through the form of taxation than is necessary to meet the just obligations of government and expenditure of its economical administration, such extractions become ruthless and a violation of the fundamental principles of a free government”.

I will forever put this administration on its toes whenever it goes wrong because the sole object of every government is the happiness of the common man and because it has to fulfill the terms of contract socially established through the results and the Supreme Court's verdict on the 2012 General Elections. Freedom and justice ought to be defended at all times no matter what.

John Abbam Nyarko
John Abbam Nyarko

The author has authored 6 publications on Modern Ghana.
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