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05.07.2004 General News

Rawlings, Mills and NDC Fired

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The General Secretary of the NPP, Mr Dan Botwe, has described Prof Atta Mills claims that the NPP was planning to manipulate the impending electoral process, as a pack of lies.

He charged that the NDC flagbearer, has made a quite outrageous, outlandish and childish remarks, and wondered whether the Prof. Mills that he knew in 2000 is the same Atta Mills, the Asomdwee man, now telling Ghanaians that their patience is running out, and that the NPP Administration should not take the patience and diplomacy of the leadership of NDC and the entire opposition parties, for granted.

He charged that Mills knows his people are desperate.

“Our own research and findings show that people are going to vote for Kufuor, so we don't need to steal the election before we win as NDC used to do”, he observed.

“We're not violent like the NDC. NDC is violent. The party was conceived and born in violence. They were breast-fed on violence. I'm praying to see when they would be weaned from violence”, he teased.

The General Secretary was speaking in an interview with the paper at Kpone-Katamanso in the Eastern Region.