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12.11.2014 Politics

Health Care And Education Are Key To Sustainable Development—Stephen Akwetey

By The Informer
Health Care And Education Are Key To Sustainable Development—Stephen Akwetey
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The Greater Accra chairman aspirant for the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Mr. Stephen Akwetey has intimated that, the well-being of citizens and quality education are key instigators for sustainable growth and development.

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Mr. Akwetey who recently launched the Health fund and Education fund for Greater Accra stated that the health and general well-being of an individual is the most critical necessity of human existence which among other things cannot be compromised. The chairman aspirant noted that he launched the Health fund and also the Education fund for Greater Accra to supplement efforts of government in making quality health care accessible and affordable to all.

According to Mr. Akwetey, although successive governments have made tremendous sacrifices through huge fiscal investment in the National Insurance program and other mutual health funds, some are still finding difficulties in accessing quality health care which may be due to health sector challenges and lack of funds for treatment on part of those who have not subscribed to the program.

Mr. Stephen Akwetey stressed that, the establishment of the Greater Accra Health fund is to add to the overwhelming efforts of the Mahama-led government to increase accessibility and affordability of the schemes.

The former constituency chairman for Krowor who has recently started the process of constructing constituency offices for the 34 constituencies of the party in the region averred that under the health fund, the various constituencies will apply for reliefs for health costs of their constituents and the grassroot more particularly those who have not yet subscribed to the National Health Insurance scheme.

Mr. Stephen Akwetey also noted that the full implementation of the program is pending the inauguration of the Board of Directors of the fund, who will build a team from all the constituencies to conduct the mass registration of party members who are not subscribed to the NHIS to ensure that they are not marginalized in basic health delivery.

The fund will also process fast and timely payments for other health conditions of members not captured under the NHIS but which afflicts its members in the constituencies. "The fund as a preventive initiative will together with a team of dedicated party medical personnel embark on health screening programs in mostly deprived areas, as well as ensure free medical supplies to people identified to be suffering from one condition or the other,” he emphasized.

Mr. Akwetey who is contesting the incumbent Greater Accra chairman Mr. Ade Coker in elections slated for Saturday, November 15th also exposed that the Education fund he established for the Greater Accra region is to provide scholarships for brilliant but needy students in the region. This he said will help bridge the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" in pursuit of quality education for all.

He noted that education is the only tool capable of changing the circumstances of people from all walks of life and backgrounds and in helping government's effort at providing quality education, the inequalities in social justice and prosperity for all would be addressed. For fair allotment of educational assistance, Mr. Akwetey noted that each of the 34 Constituencies will be given equal quotas to put forward intelligent but less privileged students from the Senior Secondary to tertiary levels.

Others in the race for the chairmanship of the Greater Accra NDC are incumbent Ade Coker, Mr. Henry Manly- Spain, Mr. Daniel Amartey Mensah in a contest many are of the view Stephen Akwetey deserves to win in order to inject more enthusiasm in the activities of the party.

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