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12.11.2014 General News

Land Owners Demand Demolition At Akukorfoto, Dansoman

By Peter Akodor
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The Adam Kwartei Royal Family of the Gbawe Stool and Osamampa Estate Developers the legitimate owners of Akokorfoto land in Dansoman, are still questioning why government has refused to act swiftly on a Mandamus order granted by an Accra High Court on 14th January 2013 ordering the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to carry out a demolition of all unauthorized structures, has still not been executed.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the Head of the Gbawe Kwartei Family, Nii Adam Kwartei, he wondered why government institutions responsible for ensuring sanity and respect for the rule of law have failed to execute the action due to one name popularly known as Otinto. Otinto has boasted that he is shielded by members of the NDC hierarchy, especially from the office of the Regional Minister and continues to pronounce this to prospective buyers and developers on the Akokorfoto land that government will not demolish Akokorfoto for his sake due to his influence in the NDC party.

Rosina Aryee, the second legitimate owner who secured her Title on the property also noted that her workers on the land have been confronted several times in an attack b y land guards of Otinto ever since she secured her Title of ownership transferred to her from the Gbawe Kwartei family.

She further wondered that any time she lodge a complaint to the police on encroachment on her land nothing at all is done either in the form of arrest or invitation for interrogation after she had submitted all legitimate documents to prove her ownership.

She further noted that from all the documents made available to them, and the subsequent follow ups and search conducted on the said land, it is obvious that the parcel of land does not belong to the Sempe Stool or Otinto the self styled Sempe Chief.

Meanwhile, the legitimate gazetted Chief of Sempe, Nii Adote Obuor II has disassociated himself from anything to do with Akokufoto land and prayed that the due processing of the law should take it course and the planed demolition should go ahead.

Ignorant Developers:
However, a search at the Akokorfoto land site has revealed that developers at the site have no documents at all given them the right to occupy or develop the site. They further revealed that they have paid huge sums of money to land guards who come to the site regularly in the name of Otinto. The developers say they have been protected by the said Otinto for several years but can honestly say that they do not have any document to the land they are developing.

For now the mind boggling question is for how long will the laws and orders granted by Judges in courts of competent Jurisdiction be flouted with impunity and how long will people continue to used the name of political leaders for wrong doings?

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