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NCOGA Announces NY Picnic

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Ghana's Homepage, has been informed about 2004 “Mother of All Picnics”. This year's annual picnic is scheduled for August 7, 2004 at the Croton-On-Hudson Park, NY. For the past 6 years, the NCOGA annual picnic has attracted Ghanaians from all walks of life and has become the sought after picnic every summer. It is the largest gathering of Ghanaians anywhere in the world. NCOGA is in negotiation with top Ghanaian artists to perform and various Ghanaian businesses to sponsor the picnic by showcasing their products at the event. It would be a great treat for the family. Treat this day as a day of opportunity to mingle and exchange greetings with past school mates and friends you have not seen for a very, very long time. Also there would be plenty of time to network with colleagues and friends for future opportunities. WHAT IS NCOGA? National Council of Ghanaian Associations (NCOGA) is an umbrella organization representing thirteen associations in the Tri-State area. The current member associations of the National Council are all not-for-profit, voluntary, cultural, social, and welfare organization. The basic objective of the member associations can be summarized as promoting the rich and diverse cultures of Ghana, improving understanding among and enhancing the socio-economic well being of the members. The member associations also engage in projects designed to help their people back home in Ghana. Ghanaweb, Dondoweb, Amandlanews, Ghanaian Herald and others would be there for coverage. Don't miss great event, it is a must attend and most talked about!! NCOGA once again thanks the Ghanaian community for always showing your support over the years. Stay tuned for more information regarding artist performing and special guests.

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