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01.07.2004 General News

Wayo drops bomb ... Threatens to resign

By Chronicle
Wayo drops bomb ... Threatens to resign
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THE CONTROVERSIAL and defeated aspirant flagbearer of the People's National Convention (PNC), Mr. Charles Kofi Wayo, has threatened to resign from the his party if the former Minister of Youth and Sports, Alhaji Mallam Issa, is allowed to play a key role in the party.
According to him, it would be unacceptable for the party to engage Mallam Issa, an ex-convict, in the forefront of the party, adding that he would impact nothing significant to the fortunes of the party since he had no moral justification with regard to his conviction and incarceration.
“I don't have any personal problems with Mallam Issa. He is a human being. But his moral conduct does not depict the role of leadership. He would rather set bad examples to Ghanaians,” he told The Chronicle.
He told this paper in a chat yesterday that, it would be suicidal for the PNC to give him a leading role, saying, “ Immediately, I find out that Mallam Issa is playing a leading role in the party, I will resign.”
Mr. Kofi Wayo, a.k.a “Chuck”, who recently lost his presidential ambition to Dr. Edward N. Mahama in their congress said, he would ask the electorate to vote against his party, should such a thing happen.
“The person is an ex-convict. What will an ex-convict offer the people of this country? He has stolen state money. What will he teach the youth of today?” he queried.
When his attention was drawn to key personalities like, Nelson Mandela, South Africa's ex-President, Chuck, pointed out that, “Nelson Mandella, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, J.B Danquah and others were not jailed for theft. They were jailed for moral reasons but Mallam Issa was jailed for theft.”
Mallam Issa, the jailed ex-Minister who was recently released, took the PNC on various issues and dragged his party to court, noting that the party had not got constituencies in various parts of the country.
He threatened to restrict the party from conducting their congress, but the party went ahead to elect the presidential candidate and other executives of the party.
Responding to the morality of threatening to resign and what the party would lose should he resign, he said, “I grew up in a society that taught me morality. I believe in God, you people don't believe in God. I know that. I believe in God because I have a soul and that I am going to die one day when I am going to face God. Do you understand what I am saying? So I have to do the right thing as much as possible,” he charged.
“If I resign, the party would have lost the moralists and ethicists, and God would condemn the party and the party would not win the elections.”
Mr. Wayo, who claimed that he was not interested in any position but rather wanted to champion the cause of the masses and alleviate the poverty and sufferings that had bedeviled the nation, said that if he wanted to amass wealth, he would still be a member of the NPP and be 'chopping'. “I want to save my people and I want to do the right thing. That is all. If I want to be bad, I will stay with the NPP. They tell me Kofi be quiet and come and eat because it is already cooked,” he alleged.
Reiterating his attacks on the NPP, he said, it would be worse for the electorate to vote the NPP back into power, adding that the it had crippled the economy resulting in the inability of the masses to even afford three square meals a day, let alone pay school fees.
Kofi Wayo recently condemned the policies of the PNC, but noted that problems were not only solved internally but could also be solved publicly. He was of the view that with the restructuring mechanism going on in the party, the party would win the forthcoming general elections.
On the issue of corruption, he said the whole system was corrupt and that everybody was demanding something before doing anything. “It will not be long, the babies in stomachs will demand bribes before they are born.”