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30.06.2004 CPP News

Ghanaians should return CPP to power -CPP

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Koforidua, June 30, GNA - Ghanaians have been urged to give their mandate to the CPP in the coming elections to ensure accelerated improvement in their living conditions as obtained under the First Republic.
In a message to mark the 44th Republican anniversary released at Koforidua on Wednesday, the Eastern Regional Secretariat of the party expressed its determination to make Ghana a "worthy place for all its citizens that would be a shinning light on the African continent and giving inspiration to people far beyond its frontiers."
It assured Ghanaians that if given the mandate, the people would measure their progress by the improvement in their health status, the number of children in school and the availability of water and electricity in their communities.
The message, signed jointly by the Regional Chairman, Nana Owusu-Sekyere and Regional Secretary, Mr Kwabena Apea, cautioned that the country was at the crossroads and "Ghanaians must take a bold decision to return the CPP to power in the upcoming general elections to offer hope and prosperity."
According to the message, "Ghana is no more truly independent because her economy is now at the direction of the Western powers, who will not allow her to produce the goods her people need but should import theirs."
"Capitalism can never create jobs for all, it can never improve education and health services", it added.
It said since the overthrow of the Dr Kwame Nkrumah and the CPP, no successive government had added a single factory to those put up by the CPP, "rather, the factories were sold at give-away prices by the NDC, while the NPP is also selling the rest, with the result that unemployment is now frightening." Youth must continue with the struggle - CPP Accra, June 30, GNA - The Convention People's Party (CPP) on the occasion of the 44th Anniversary of Ghana's republic has called on the youth in whose hands the destiny of the country reside to resolve to continue the struggle to build a better and prosperous continent. The CPP said, "under the rule of Dr Kwame Nkrumah neo-colonialism was for once placed under an effective siege to allow Ghanaians in particular and Africans in general to wage a consistent struggle to free themselves from the shackles of colonial and neo-colonial domination". Dr Nii Noi Dowuona, General Secretary of the CPP in a signed statement said the party on its part "will continue to pursue policies and programmes that would address the perennial problems of poverty, unemployment, high cost of living, school dropouts and the general state of despondency that engulfs us".
He said the occasion should remind Ghanaians of the struggle for emancipation, self-dignity and equality of black people and the significant role played by the late Dr Nkrumah towards the realisation of those laudable goals.
Dr Dowouna on behalf of the CPP called on Ghanaians to commit themselves to the noble ideals of Pan Africanism and the emancipation of oppressed and under privileged people throughout the world.
He said the CPP welcomed the commitment of the African leaders towards the establishment of the African Union saying, "The singular achievement shows a recognition of the vision and mission of Ghana's first President and other founding fathers of the then Organisation of African Unity..."
Dr Dowuona said, "the AU is the only viable option of taking Africans from the morass of poverty, underdevelopment, fratricidal wars and subservience to external forces that still characterise the continent".