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04.11.2014 Feature Article

The Name Ordained For Salvation Is YAHUSHUA: It Is Not JESUS CHRIST! (Part 1 of 2)

The Name Ordained For Salvation Is YAHUSHUA: It Is Not JESUS CHRIST! (Part 1 of 2)
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In every culture and language on Earth, a person's name is a unique sound meant to identify, describe and draw the attention of the one bearing it, whenever uttered properly. For any serious-minded mature person, one's name defines and describes one's persona which he jealously defends. In other words, a person's name represents his total being; encapsulating his beliefs, character, values, wisdom, authority, power, wealth, status, etc.

There is so much more for mankind to learn in this regard from the Ivrit-revealed (Hebrew-revealed) Holy Scriptures of the Almighty that He gave to direct our lives. The scriptures reveal the name of the Almighty—a unique sound to utter in worship and or to call upon in times of need! In fact, if this name is never uttered, in faith, but is only kept written on a scroll, it will have no effect!

The Ivrit-revealed Word of the Almighty also reveals a name, particularly His own, as being a thing or substance—one that can manifest visibly and be tangible—a thought that is deficient in earthly names. For those with faith in this Truth, they understand why the complete Word of the Almighty, all of which is compressed into the only one true name He gave to His begotten Son, became manifest in visible and tangible flesh on Earth—cf. Yochanan (John) 1:14, Colossians 1:15, Yochanan Alef (First John) 1:1.

Fact is that no other name besides the one true name that the Almighty gave to His Son could ever have manifested visibly and tangibly in human form: One must always call on the unique names of the Almighty and of His Son, in faith, to have their manifestations!! And this is why every Ivrit name is such a huge statement with a very clear meaning!

So then, when the Almighty made Himself known to His chosen people, the children of Yisroel, He did so by His name, giving them the mandate to utter it for its manifestation for their good; only they were never to use it while not standing worthily with him. They were to always hold His name in holy reverence.

The name that the Almighty gave Yisroel of Himself is YAHUWAH within which dwell all His attributes: His Life, Holiness, Wisdom, Majesty, Glory, Might, Faithfulness, Love, Mercy, Righteousness, Justice, Salvation, etc, are all encapsulated in and defined by this unique name, YAHUWAH.

Please note that YAHUWAH is a transliteration, in Anglicized alphabets, of a typically Ivrit name that was originally written in Ivrit alphabets, with all the jots and tittles peculiar to this tongue meant to give it a specific sound when uttered.

And so, for all conservative Ivriim (Hebrews), YAHUWAH would normally be pronounced as YAHOOWAH but easily sound like YEHOOWAH to most Ivriim and almost all Goyim (Gentiles). Of course, this YEHOOWAH sound may not come out with the same clarity when YAHUWAH is uttered individually by all Yisroel because of their differing and unique tribal accents! There could be phonetic challenges experienced by some tribes in pronouncing YAHUWAH to come out as YEHOOWAH, what with all the “Shibbolet” and “Sibbolet” stuff we read in the scriptures—cf. Shofetim (Judges) 12:5-6!!

Leaders of Yisroel, not wanting to be accused of ever taking the name YAHUWAH in vain and, thus, drawing upon their nation the wrath of the Almighty, decided to shorten it in its written form and, at the same time, make it impossible for anyone to utter. Doing this, they came up with the Word, YHWH—consisting of only consonants, without vowels, and therefore, unutterable—which they used in their teachings and writings! All Yisroel simply referred to the unutterable YHWH as HaShem, which in English means The Name, just to save their skin from the wrath of the Almighty!!

This HaShem for YHWH convention remained so until the advent of bible translators, who, acting without the mandate of the Almighty to translate His Ivrit-revealed Holy Scriptures, for Goyim, gave them (Goyim) the word YAHWEH as being the name of the Almighty by inserting the vowels “a” and “e” into YHWH!

To consider YAHWEH as the Almighty's name is, however, unacceptable since it is clearly at variance, phonetically, with His YAHOOWAH-sounding name and must be rejected by salvation seekers, together with all the many other English names bible translators derived from illegally translating Ivri ones.

Another name, JEHOVAH, attributed by bible translators as belonging to the Almighty must also be rejected because the phonetics associated with the Anglophone letter “J” are non-existent in Ivrit. It may interest readers to know that, a name, “JEHOVA”, was first attributed to the Almighty by a Spanish monk, Raymundo Martini, only recently in 1278 CE, in his Latin-titled book—Pugio Fidei (Dagger of Faith)—and so “JEHOVAH” has never been known in Yisroel or to have any relevance salvation-wise, but only misleads salvation seekers today from the Truth!

Because the “jay” sound is non-existent in Ivrit, salvation seekers must begin to see the great deception they have been led into by bible translators in providing them with such jay-sounding names as JESUS, Elijah, Joshua, etc. which they claim to be of Ivri origin!!

Because everything visible has come out of the very being of the Almighty, we can understand that those closest to Him will bear names close in sound, value, and meaning to His own, YAHUWAH.

The closest of all beings to the Almighty is His Son, and it is only natural this Son bears a name close to His. And so, the name YAHUSHUA—meaning, “YAHUWAH (HaShem) saves”—that the Almighty gave to His Son is, indeed, a definition and description of Himself, in and by His name YAHUWAH and mirrored in His Son!!

The name YAHUSHUA must, therefore, be the only one laden with the Will, Wisdom, and Power of the Almighty to save sinners from the weakness of their flesh to commit sin and from the dominion of Lucifer! In the plan of the Almighty, YAHUSHUA is the only name which saves!! (---conclusion is in Part 2 of 2: Soon to be published).

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