Caravan of Mercy of Ghana distributes Qurans for easy reading

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai
Press Release Caravan of Mercy of Ghana distributes Qurans for easy reading
NOV 2, 2014 LISTEN

The Caravan of Mercy (CM), a charitable organization with headquarters in the United Kingdom has begun distributing thousands of copies of the noble Quran to the people of Ghana as a means of spreading the messages of Islam.

The English translated Qurans were meant to make it easy for Muslims and non Muslims to understand the texts of the Holy Quran originally published in the Arabic language. As part of the program a large number of the Qurans were distributed to congregations of the Ministries Jumna mosque in Accra on Friday October 31by a team of Ghana branch of the Caravan of Mercy led by Mohammed Ibrahim . Before the Qurans were distributed Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai a Muslim Journalist and editor on line commended the management and staff of Caravan of Mercy for their kind gesture and advised all beneficiaries of the Qurans to handle them with care and in accordance with the Islamic teachings and read them regularly after performing wuduu. The Qurans are so good that Muslims in Ghanaian mosques could use them as main materials for group Islamic teaching and learning. The Imam of the Mosque Sheikh Mallam Ayuba narrated the numerous benefits of the holy Quran as the fountain of knowledge for mankind and said that the translated version would be easily understood by all especially those who are unable to read the Arabic version of the Quran. According to Mohammed Ibrahim of the Caravan of Mercy the Qurans which were donated as gifts from Muslims of the United Kingdom to the Caravan of Mercy would be distributed nationwide free of charge. Apart from the Quran distribution, the organization engages in the building and running of schools one of which is the Aisha Siddiqqa (RA) Islamic Girls Academy at Mataheko, near Akosombo in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Though it is an Islamic school it is a secular school that admits pupils from the kindergarten or crèche to the primary junior and senior high school levels. The organization also provides food during the Ramadan, Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha to Muslims in the country and worldwide. Apart providing food during festive occasions the organization also build mosques and provide clothing to the less privileged people in the societies around the globe including Ghana. They Provide funds towards reconstruction of homes and temporary shelters destroyed during calamities or war. The Caravan of Mercy also establishes medical and rehabilitation clinics for victims of war and oppression; Provides water and sanitation facilities in water deficient and drought stricken areas; provides (Hand Pumps, Bore holes and water tankers to needy people.The organization also supports orphans from their childhoods till they go through education to the highest level

The organization is able to carry out all its assignments through donations they receive from kind people in high and low positions throughout the world

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