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27.10.2014 Feature Article

Success from discipline...a HR message

Success from discipline...a HR message
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A study on the sociobiology of insects by the corporate leaders would serve them with one of the finest HR messages of how to conduct an organization that is free from conflicts and confusion. People often will say that creating well defined systems, SOP's and DOP's, 'HR scriptures' etc., will serve the above purpose. The HR also will try hard to ensures that every one follow the system meticulously. But still there will be lot of confusion and conflicts do occur in corporate.

While creating several full proof systems and process, unfortunately most of the corporate leaders neglect the role of 'discipline and interference'. Unless these two important elements are clearly understood and followed correctly, no system and process would ever work or would help to avoid all avoidable conflicts.

Look at the social life of insects like honey bee, wasp or ant, for example. They are like miniature corporate in its functioning and purpose. The queen bee is the nucleus of the colony. The division of labor is so precise, well articulated and perfect. The most striking point one should not miss to notice in the hierarchy of social insects is that the queen bee never interferes in the freedom, responsibility and working style of other bees in the colony. The discipline she follows is remarkable and exemplary. The perfect armamentarium of the social life of these insects is possible and existent only because of the highest order of disciple displayed and followed by the queen bee, the ultimate head of beehive. This is true with reference to the colony of wasp and ants as well.

The discipline is other wise defined as avoidance of ones unwanted interference in others freedom and dignity. Discipline and non-interference must accompany the delegation and empowerment of people in corporate. It is not binding people to responsibility makes the difference, but makes them feel about the same and let them be a party and partner in building the organization.

Unfortunately most of the corporate/organizations that are directly run by the entrepreneurs, individually or along with other family members, never appear to have understood the above essence. They are known to interfere in every activity of the employees and even in the purchase 'stapler pin to cargo'. Interestingly such organization will not have any dearth of process documents, hierarchy systems and HR departments.

Insects are classified as the primitive animals in Kingdom 'Animalia'. But look at their genius. How beautifully they maintain their colony free from conflicts. The sense of responsibility of worker and soldier insects during defense is also amazing. They have achieved the above purely due to discipline and un-interfering culture of queen bee into the freedom and dignity of others in the colony.

People to display such high level of discipline and un-interfering leadership quality in corporate requires enormous self confidence, self trust and trust and confidence in others.

Do not get lost in just using the fancy buzz words like 'delegation', 'empowerment' etc., but be a follower of right and righteous principles first and operate from the domain of confidence, self discipline. Also respect the freedom and dignity of your employees.

Look at the marvelous HR message of nature and how beautifully she has created the insects like honey bee, wasp and ant.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai

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