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27.06.2004 General News

Rampus at NRC: Ken Attafuah Sacked

By Palaver
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...In diplomatic manner ... Leave is a cover up DR. Ken Attafuah, Chief Executive of the National Reconciliation Commission, has been sacked, perhaps diplomatically.

For although, Dr Attafuah, technically, is on leave, NRC insiders have told the 'Ghana Palaver' that the man was given the sack, as a result of the way he handled, certain affairs of the Commission, which compromised its "neutral" stand.

According to the insiders, the Executive Secretary, under normal circumstances, could not have been asked to "go home", at the time that his services, as the Chief Executive, could be needed most.

The Commission, which is to wind up its 'public business' by July 13, will be plunging into its other serious assignment of writing its report and submitting it to Government, as early as October, this year.

If this technical aspect of the job is to be carried out by the Commission, without its Chief Executive, then Dr. Attafuah's contribution to the whole exercise will amount next to nothing.

According to the sources, Mr Attafuah's accumulated leave will keep him at home until early November, when the Commission would have handed over its report and retired.

The question then is: Where does Dr. Attafuah resume duty and to do what?

Although no official reason has been given for the strange decision, it is believed that the Government, itself, as well as the Commission, has felt uncomfortable with the way and manner some confidential matters had been leaked to the press.

Besides, his disrespect for top officials of the past Government, visibly discerned from the mode of invitations sent to personalities like former President J. J. Rawlings, and others, had turned out to be counter-productive and not helped in any way in the process for reconciliation.

In many instances, Mr Attafuah had gone on air and behaved like a Chief Security Officer, hunting down criminals or a Chief Attorney, looking forward to conduct a case, as a Chief Prosecutor.

There has been nothing "neutral" about his utterances, lending weight to suspicions that the Commission is turning itself into a law court, waiting to proscribe punishment for 'accused' persons and not serve as a platform for feuding factions for them to embrace one another.

It is believed, however, that the last straw was his handling of the Chris Asher Jnr. affair, in which the 'star' witness, now appears to be unwilling to appear to defend his earlier tales.

The Commission, apart from granting protection for the fugitive, had spent a huge sum of money on the man, who came with "hear-says".

The Asher "tour" had been arranged, in defiance of the laws of Ghana, probably based upon the recommendation by Mr Attafuah, who, obviously, had to clear him, before being invited home, at the expense of the state.

Meanwhile, it will be recalled that a former Public Relations official, attached to the Commission had to pack bag and baggage, due to Ken Attafuah's interferance with her work and for performing as Chief Spokesman, a role, officially assigned to the former.

The US$300 million CNT scam loan...


Signals being received from our contacts in the USA and the UK suggest very strongly that Mr. Rienzes Edwards, the man who seems to be at the centre of the NPP Government's CNT/CNTCI US$300 million scam loan scandal, may be an international con-man and fraudster.

The man has his finger in almost every aspect of the CNT/CNTCI pie.

He allegedly owned 50% shares in Columbus Newport Llc, one of the companies listed as shareholders in CNTCI, but it has turned out that all the shares of Columbus Newport Llc were transferred to Alberni United SA on August 12, 2002, so that in actual fact, Columbus Newport Llc could never have been a shareholder of CNTCI since CNTCI itself was formed in May/July 2003.

He allegedly used to be 50% shareholder and President of Alberni United SA.

Alberni United SA has shares in Universal Credit bank and Trust Limited (UCBT) in which Rienzes Edwards also has 50% shares.

From August 2002, Rienzes Edwards became sole shareholder of Alberni United SA when the 100% shares of Alberni United were all transferred to him.

Rienzes Edwards also has 50% shares in CNTCI and he is the President of CNTCI.

'Ghana Palaver' has learnt that Rienzes Edwards once was involved in Company called "Safari". There were very conflicting opinions regarding his capabilities and the Company appears to have been wound up after only a few months.

Rienzes Edwards also appears to have been involved in another Company called "Saturna" of which he signed himself as "Director" and in that capacity was presented by yet another Company, "Hyacinth Fernando", as "signatory".

Our USA source alleges that among other things, they were "threatened" with exposure to the FBI as a result of their dealings with Edwards, and therefore wanted further input from others with experience with Rienzes Edwards and his Group.

Another source, this time from the UK, rubbished the threat of exposure to the FBI and described Rienzes Edwards as a "scammer" who would be put away if the FBI knew what he was up to.

The same source describes Rienzes Edwards as follows:

"He forges signatures on paperwork. Ask George Paterson [email protected] - 44-01410778-3617. You will NEVER know where you stand with him. He will NEVER tell you the truth".

The testimonial of a third source about Rienzes Edwards read like this:

"I have no ulterior motive or other special interest in posting negative comments about anyone. I speak from personal experience only. If you have had positive transactions with Mr. Edwards, I 'm happy for you, however--our experience has been completely opposite!! I need not offer to you, proof of anything. If you have a close relationship wwith Mr. Edwards, perhaps he should limit his business transactions to you alone. That way you will save those of us with negative outcomes a lot of wasted time and money".

These are the testimonials of Rienzes M. Edwards, President of CNTCI and the man who is to lend the NPP Government US$300 million.