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23.06.2004 General News

CNCTI Loan Saga - Bagbin Challenged

By Chronicle
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THE COMMENTS of Alban Sumani Bagbin on the controversy and myth that surrounds the ongoing increasing debate on the government's attempt to solicit a loan of US$300 million from the CNTCI, is refusing to vanish into thin air like the ghost of Banquo in Shakespeare's Macbeth. This has caught the wrath of ardent followers of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The minority leader in Parliament was reported to have said at the Takoradi Polytechnic that President John Agyekum Kufuor knew that the US$ 300 million loan was a scam and even though he (the President) was aware of the new twist, had prevailed upon his Ministers to defend it.

According to Bagbin, President Kufuor got to know of what he (Bagbin) described as a scam, when the President took a weeks leave and went to London to do his investigation about the loan.

Ex-Chief Police Inspector and recently defeated aspiring NPP Member of Parliament for Ayawaso East, Alhaji Mohammed Alidu, has disclaimed the assertions of the minority leader that President Kufuor knew that CNTCI loan was a scam.

"I wish to condemn the issues raised by Hon. Alban Bagbin as regards the vexed matter of the CNTCI loan. Even though the MP hid under an excuse that they, in the minority, lost their guard and the subject went through, I wish to state that this is mendacious."

Daring the NDC MP, Alhaji Alidu, now the Chairman of the propaganda and publicity committee of the East Ayawaso constituency branch of the NPP said, "Alban Bagbin should stop telling lies about the President. President Kufuor, as the Chief Executive of the now free nation has the right to investigate the matter, especially if he discovers that so much unnecessary dust is being raised by desperate politicians, who on realizing that they are losing ground, want to hold on to whatever ground they can lay their hands on.

"If indeed, the President has asked his Ministers to go ahead to pursue the matter, it is because he has discovered that all the NDC is doing is raising unnecessary dust about nothing."

Alidu, who made this statement in reaction to the minority leader's assertion carried by this paper on its front page last week, said, "What Bagbin needs to know is that President Kufuor does not need to go to London personally to conduct investigations into the CNTCI loan as he falsely stated.

The state apparatus is at his disposal to do any investigation if he so desires and report back to him."

He added, "For the minority leader to have lied to innocent students of the Takoradi Polytechnic that President Kufuor went to London to do personal investigations during his leave period, shows how ignorant the minority leader is when it comes to the issues of governance of a country."

Touching on the appointment of Dr. Ibn Chambas, the Executive Secretary of the ECOWAS, the NPP Propaganda Secretary said, "Alban Bagbin should stop telling lies about Ibn Chambas, who until his appointment, had shown all traits of being fed up with the antics of the NDC, which had treated him unfairly for many years."

According to him, without the support of President Kufuor, Ibn Chambas would not have had the job, stating that such appointments required the support of the Head of state of the candidate.

"If I were him, I would concentrate on retaining my shaky seat in Parliament and stop wasting time on mendacious matters," he concluded.