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JJ, KojoT and 15 NPP MPs Accused of Murder

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Haruna Atta and a former High Commissioner are spies for the German government. A HUMAN RIGTHS ACTIVIST has accused former President Jerry Rawlings and Captain Kojo Tsikata (RTD) of responsibility for the killings of the three high court judges and the retired army officer in June 1982.

He has also said 15 ministers in NPP government are also responsible for the serial killings that rocked Ghana some years ago.

Mr. Anthony Rau who is based in Germany and works for World Service Authority, Washington DC, a human rights organization, made these allegations at a press conference in Accra at the weekend.

He said sometime in 2002 the Germany authorities invited the Ghana Ambassador in Germany and the Head of Chancellery to come for a taped conversation between Mr. Rawlings and Tsikata regarding the planning, abduction and killing of the three high court judges and retired army officer.

Mr. Rowland Alhassan and Mrs. Mercy Karikari, Ambassador and Head of Chancellery respectively, declined to go for the tape, saying the Ghana government was not interested and that Germany should not interfere in Ghana's internal affairs.

Rau alleged that the said tape was kept at the Germany Foreign Affairs Ministry in Bonn with file No. 231/50/83 and showed to the media a picture with inscriptions 321- band –50-vom- 1983 Tsikata, which he claimed was the picture of the file that contained the tape.

He said he was sad that “after Mr. Rawlings has killed innocent former Heads of State in 1979, the high court judges and the retired army officer in 1982 and countless souls in his 20-year rule, he still celebrates June 4th.”

He maintained that his main objective of holding the press conference was to tell the Ghanaian public the existence of certain documents and the tape, which gave concrete evidence that Mr. Rawlings and Capt. Tsikata were responsible for killing of the judges and the retired army officer.

He said in December 2003 he sent these documents to the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) and some media houses, but the public had never been told about the existence of these documents. He therefore felt that as a human rights activist he must come out and tell the public of these documents.

With regard to the serial killing of 34 women, “ I can confess without any doubt that Rawlings' assertion that 15 members of the NPP government were involved in the killings is true.”

He claimed that the document, which contains the fact that 15 members of the present administration were involved in the killing of the 34 women, “is kept in South Africa by Tsikata's wife.”

He said the NPP government was afraid to arrest and prosecute Rawlings and Tsikata because they would also produce evidence to show that members of the government were involved in the serial killings.

In another development Mr. Rau alleged that the Editor of the Accra Daily Mail (ADM), Mr. Haruna Atta and a former Ghana High Commissioner in London were spies to the German government.

“Mr. Haruna Atta is still a spy for the German authorities. His recent visit to Germany was to tell the authorities what he knows about Kofi Wayo and me.”

Mr. Rau produced a receipt, with the addresses of the ADM and the Ghana High Commission in London, which he claimed he got from the Germany National Security.

He alleged that these receipts showed that these two persons were giving information to the Germany Government in 1999.

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