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No "Boom Speech" this year - Victor Smith

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The Special Aide to the Former President, Mr. J.J. Rawlings, Mr. Victor Smith has noted that Ghanaians expecting a 'boom speech' from his master during this year's June 4 lectures will surely be disappointed.

He said there is not going to be any kind of speech that would cause a stir in any way. “The lectures will be an ordinary one,” he added.

Mr Smith was reacting to a story published in the 2nd June edition of the Free Press during a news paper review segment on Hot 97UK FM's morning show HOT IN THE MORNING in London.

According to the story, as monitored in the UK, Ghanaians were to expect another 'boom speech' from Rawlings.

He observed that there has not been any attempt by the former president to deliver speeches that would not go down well with the people.

It is just that the people have their own interpretations to his speeches.

After the NDC went out of office, Former President Rawlings' led coalition of cadres of the 'infamous' June 4 Uprising gather together at the Art Centre every 4th June to cerebrate the occasion that is abhorred by most people of Ghana.

During such occasions Mr. Rawlings often deliver speeches that stir up socio-political interest. Last year for instance, he came up with what was described by a many politician as serious and unfounded allegation of 15 cabinet ministers of the ruling government knowing something about the serial murdering of 34 women in the country.

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