02.06.2004 Regional News

NADMO commends People of Kintampo for preventing bushfires

02.06.2004 LISTEN

Kintampo (B/A), June 2, GNA - Mr. Kwabena Owusu Nkwantabisa, Kintampo District Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has commended the people in the area for their efforts in preventing bushfires during the harmattan season last year. Speaking in an interview with Ghana News Agency at Kintampo he noted, "Unlike the past years when people set fires that destroyed farms and other properties, only a few areas got burnt last year". He commended fire volunteers in the district for their concerted efforts in fire prevention and urged them to maintain the voluntary spirit in combating bushfires.

The NADMO Coordinator called on the people to keep their surroundings clean in order to prevent the outbreak of communicable diseases and asked Assembly Members and Unit Committees to organize the people to undertake regular clean up exercises to promote their good health.

Mr. Nkwantabisa urged teachers to organize students to plant trees to help check the effects of rainstorms and to beautify the environment of schools.

Community leaders should also mobilize the people to plant trees alongside river bodies to prevent them from drying up during the dry season, he said.

Mr. Nkwantabisa praised the Kintampo District Assembly for constructing a number of boreholes in the communities to prevent the people from contracting water-borne diseases. He said residents of Mansra and Ayorya in the district had been freed from the guinea-worm disease following the provision of boreholes in those areas.

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